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  • Lotta Lovin' - Vincent Gene
    "Well I wanna-wanna lotta-lotta lovin' Well I wanna-wanna lotta-lotta huggin' So baby can't you see that you were meant for me I want your lovin', yes-a-ree. Well I wanna-wanna lotta-lotta huggin' Well"
  • Sha La La (Love) - Al Green
    "(Ha ha ha baby baby) Sha la la la la la la love baby Sha la la la la la la love baby I've been gone so long I don't know what to do, oh baby And I know you don't know all that I've been going though baby Aw"
  • Cadillac Tears - Kevin Denney
    "(Wynn Varble/Leslie Satcher) Well,he wanted someone firmer and he wanted someone younger And he always had a thing for blondes As it happened,his new secretary happened to be all that rolled into one And"
  • Biomechanic Man - Lordi
    "Biomechanic man aw waw You need some lovin'o'monstermaniac style and fashion and I'm a device of horny steel You need to believe in the dirty lovin'o' lusty passion you need a spin in the torture wheel I"
  • Revenue Man Blues - Charley Patton
    "Lord, the revenue men is ridin', boy, you'd better look out (Aw, sure, if it ain't Purvis) Lord, the revenue men is ridin', boy, you'd better look out (Boy, if he hollers at you, you don't stop, boy) If"
  • Nobody Like You To Me - Harry Connick Jr.
    "Save time to collect my fortune Paid upon arrival But I don't know where I'll be goin I'm travellin survival Aw, girl When I get there If it ain't for free I want you to know there's Nobody like you to"
  • PUT IT IN A LETTA! - Mic Little
    "(Ne-Yo) Compound is in the building Ayo Walt you got one wit this one dawg What's goin on everybody, it's your boy Ne-Yo I want to take this time to introduce ya to somebody special Now when I say"
  • Sucker - Angela McCluskey
    "New town and a new home to save your skin This is where the new life should begin Still after weeks, you toss and you turn in your sleep And you know that whatever you do Someone keeps looking for you New"
  • AYAYA - P1Harmony
    "Hangul : 칼날에 놓여 Know what I know You’re a danger 모두 무관심에 빠져 중독 자각심이라는 Keyword Wait wait 왜 너에게서 Fade out 넌 그저 이게 바로 너야 다 내려놔 Aw aw aw With a little like aw aw aw But it ain’t right 누구도 심판할 수 없고 무관심한"
  • Bla Bla Bla (Dark Mix) - Gigi D'Agostino
    "eb eb theng why ben eb ben theng why ben ben ben theng why ben ab wa to ben thing wa ben aw bo aw bo theng wa ben ob ob ben theng wa ben ben ben thing wa ben ob to ben thing why ben ob bo ob bo theng why"

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