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24 godziny

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24 godziny
  • Hellacopters 24 H Hell
    "In her voice I sensed reality So I walked out thru' the door My sneakers suckin' up rain from the street And there was nowhere to score Spent that night in a park Slept under a tree At dawn the cops came"
  • Young Buck 24's Freestyle
    "50 Cent) (50 Cent) Yeah Buck.. lets take it down south so they know whats going down there (tenisfield) Tennessee, Haha.. Get'em Buck! (G-Unit ~ Chorus) 24's Calicos That's how all my gangsters"
  • A Loss For Words Highway 24 Revisited
    "The party was sieged by the drunks and the scorned, still your silence was deafening my ears. I was caught up in your smile then i turned and you were gone. Ten feet tall as i danced right down the stairs. After"
  • Fono Now She's 24
    "Blind her eyes begin the darkness in her mind The left and right inside her, cruel and kind The past still haunts her now, Though she was just 15 And no-one blames a girl as young as she was She starts"
  • Oxmo Puccino 24 H ? Vivre
    "Feat Akhenaton, Le Rat, Freeman, Pit Baccardi Akhenaton : Mon chri embrasse ton pre, embrasse moi Mon coeur se lace, enlace moi une dernire fois Hels, celui que tu aimes part comme d'hab Quelle ironie"
  • Acid Drinkers 24 Radical Questions
    "Is this the man we made What's this image displayed Does money serve it Why'd we turn the world to s... What bands play for money What bands play for cash Am I a real artist Or just a heap of trash Are"
  • Accept Monsterman (3:24)
    "Accept Russian Roulette Monsterman (3:24) Screaming just for mercy I am no monster man Knowing makes you guilty Not free of any faults I see a hot, hot fighting On controversial sides They call me mercy"
  • Ice Cube 24 Mc Hours
    "Put the whoop on 'em (ice cube, a.k.a. don mega) Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. poppa don) Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. the big fish) Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. brainiac) Keep it gangsta y'all, keep it"
  • Insane Clown Posse Hell's Pit- 24
    "(die bitch, f**kin die!) ALL NIGHT Find me robbin your jewels Settin fires Damaging, and breakin into schools IN THE DARKNESS Its much easier to be heartless Break the window out the Lincoln And screwdriver"
  • Clutch 24 Earth Years
    "I don't know, but I've been told I'm about twenty-four Earth years old. and come my next birthday it'll be a quarter century. I don't know, but I have heard a gnome from the old world say these words, "Take"

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