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  • Good Stuff - The B-52s
    "Brrrr! All right Bum bum-Bum bum (in combinations) Ooo baby! What? How about givin' me some of that good stuff Well... Here it 'tis Here it 'tis Here it 'tis Here it 'tis Are you lookin' for it? Are"
  • Dreamland - The B-52s
    "Meet me tonight in dreamland Meet me tonight in dreamland Where the things I want will come true For in dreamland they always do So meet me tonight in dreamland Meet me on the path of green Where nightmares"
  • Is That You Mo-Dean? - The B-52s
    "Waitin' for bus #99 Goin' to the store for hot dogs and wine! When all of a sudden, I felt real cold And wound up in the belly of a big ol' UFO On the bus, to the plane To the UFO and to outer space baby On"
  • Vision Of A Kiss - The B-52s
    "I wish to see your lips Parting like the waves of silence and mystery I've got a curious love-for you! Ever since we met I'm so impressed with you Ever since we met I've been so impressed! CHORUS I'm havin'"
  • Breezin' - The B-52s
    "I don't need a reason I am just breezin' Makin' changes as they come Ain't gonna bother anyone Give and let live Love and be loved We're workin' on a positive vibe So let the love rise to the top Up here"
  • Bad Influence - The B-52s
    "Call it bad My bad my bad influence Big town holds me back Big town skins my mind Small minds wear me down Spreadading salt on fertile ground Honest pleasures now forsaken Drastic measures to be taken Can't"
  • Pump - The B-52s
    "I look at you and I'm ready to pump Luminous heartthrob ready to jump Mama's dancin' with jellybone You better watch out Take you to the freak zone Pump it up give it up turn up the track Hard kiss"
  • Hot Corner - The B-52s
    "There goes The law screamin' by 3 AM and the minutes fly No damn class In the Classic City He's a mess But he's really pretty I-I-I'm lookin' for some fun Waitin' for the bus From Winder to come I-I-I'm"
  • Ultraviolet - The B-52s
    "Spread your wild seed on fertile ground Plug another feed to your crazy sound Sky high hive you wind me tight Sky high hive in the ultraviolet night Well I'm gettin' nervous My mind is zippin' I'm gettin'"
  • Juliet Of The Spirits - The B-52s
    "Juliet, I can feel your glow Of passions ready to explode Secrets you kept should all be told Like blossoms ready to unfold Juliet, you're not afraid anymore Juliet, Juliet, I'm not afraid anymore Sweet"

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