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  • The End - Ad Hominem
    "The end Can you hear the macabre silence? Can you smell the putrefied flesh? Can you taste the vomit in your mouth? Can you see the inexorable tragedy? I can touch Death Can you hear the glorious silence? Can"
  • The Psalmody Of Sub-Humans - Ad Hominem
    "Execution is the matrix of epuration Kneeled and blindfolded Your life of primate is drawing to an end Think of everything you've seen during one second The last thing that'll come into your head is a"
  • Will The Power - Ad Hominem
    "A new race for a new world Is the reason I fight for A spectral existence for despotic souls A life free from carnal corruption - No more futile beings - They'll suffer my determination The essence of"
  • Wolf Power - Ad Hominem
    "Gathered around our prey We're observing our victory This weak human and all his beliefs Is nothing but putrid shreds of flesh We are the wolves The wrath of our ancestors Spilling the blood Of the bastards"
  • Achtung! - Ad Hominem
    "Achtung! Untertanen von mutter moral Toleranz schwindet dahin Die letzten hoffnungen fr unser berleben Tragend unterschwelliger terror Die essenz der vernderung Grausam erstarkend Bis der wahnsinn kprer"
  • Dictator - Ad Hominem
    "My contemplation achieved Decay Solution Self Through stories and beliefs crystallized Until strength and spirit are melted You shall hate me for what I am I shall love you for what you do Reflections"
  • Join Or Perish - Ad Hominem
    "Ignore their morals Despise their faith Abhor their lives Forget all that they've taught you When anger rises When mankind doubts When the earth is doomed Your fate: join or perish Apathy and scorn shall"
  • My Loudest Scream Of Hate - Ad Hominem
    "Proud falling world of god Made of crawling cockroaches Like the phoenix, burn from the inside Yet not rising again afterwards Surrounding poorness of mind Worshipped by the highest scum Shouting down"
  • Schlachthaus Der Gedanken - Ad Hominem
    "This is a fading trace of reality Distorted lines of freedom Where the mediocre man prevails Absolute flattery of equality Like the procession of the hearse Slowly leading the lamenting mob To the burial"
  • Slaves Of God - Ad Hominem
    "I abjure the name of Jesus Christ Die slaves! Deified martyr praised by impotent hymns Icon of the desperate herd Sacred illusion Vile motive of inconsistent slaughters Crowned figure leading the atrophy"

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