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Adrian Trojanowski

  • The Ideal Woman - Adrian Belew
    "She's demure...friendly...loving and good-looking good-looking and wealthy she is tall, pretty, thin, blonde a loving person, great personality, fun to be with independent, gorgeous, rich, powerful liberal"
  • People - Adrian Belew
    "People fly People flee People clam and say "it wasn't me" People fish People beef People arm to the teeth Yes, you've got people on the tube, Walking on the moon People at the bottom of the sea People"
  • Cage - Adrian Belew
    "Walking down the street, you stare at your feet and never do you let your eyes meet the freaks, the deadbeat addicts, social fanatics, they're a dime a dozen and they carry guns Halloween, every other"
  • Complicated Potatoes - Adrian Belew
    "A fat man like me Can never bother with tea or brie I must go right to the main source And wolf it down like a rhinoceros But a woman like her Can tease me with a warm hors d'ouevre She slices and dices"
  • Dig Me - Adrian Belew
    "It's here I sit amid this ruin and rancor Like tire irons, toothy grills, and car parts before me The acid rain floods my floorboards, Burns my pores, and rots my upholstery Once I was worshipped, polished"
  • Dinosaur - Adrian Belew
    "Long ago and far away in a different age when I was a dumb young guy fossilized photos of my life then illustrate what an easy prey I must have been standing in the sun, idiot savant something like a monument I'm"
  • Elephant Talk - Adrian Belew
    "Talk, it's only talk Arguments, agreements, advice Answers, articulate announcements It's only talk Talk, it's only talk Babble, burble, banter Bicker bicker bicker Brouhaha, balderdash, ballyhoo It's"
  • Figure It Out - Adrian Belew
    "(belew/fetters/nyswonger) You don't retain your calm Either you're an anvil Or sell me your aunt And your car is almost gone Figure it out My bag's against the wall You knocked me up, You didn't knock"
  • Holy Mack - Adrian Belew
    "Lord we pray, give us this day Our daily bread Every week it costs the meek Another arm and leg Lord we pray, the american way, Cut us a break Who can believe in the lottery Or lady luck Give us some"
  • Honeybee - Adrian Belew
    "Honeybee, don't look at me that way Honeybee, don't look at me that way I've got plans, I'm workin' on being a holy man Honeybee, don't come so close to me Honeybee, don't come so close to me An' watch"

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