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All you need is love the beatles

  • All I Really Need Is You - Neil Diamond
    "After all these years, After all these tears between us Still I couldn't find Someone half as right as you And each time I stop to think What it is I truly need Here's what I conclude All I really need"
  • All I Need Is You - Carl Belew
    "Find the lonelist girl in a thousand find the saddest eyes you've ever seen Find someone who's always longing for you find that man and you found me And all I need is you all I want is you to give my loving"
  • All I Need - The Temptations
    "(Forgive this fool, my darling.) Oh, this heart of mine, carries a heavy load. When I think about how I've hurt you so. After you've been, been so good to me. I've been unfaithful, darling, I've caused"
  • All I Need Is You - Hi-Tek
    "(Intro) *phone rings* (Mega) yo (Girl) Hey (Mega) Whussup (Girl) Chillin (Mega) Word (Girl) Working (Mega) Yeah, nahmsaying (Girl) Well when you coming home? (Mega) I'm a be there later on (Girl) Well"
  • All i need is you - Hillsong Kids
    "Chorus 1:You hold the universe, You hold everyone on earthYou hold the universe, You hold and You holdPsalm 139:13-18 (New Living Translation)You made all the delicate, inner parts of my bodyand knit me"
  • All You Need Is Blood - Test Icicles
    "If I'm the shell and hey it's easter crack me open and watch my yolk. splutter out into your arms or at least it would if you had your arms open. For now I'll watch my yellow pity spill out onto the spare"
  • The Love You Need - Mase
    "Hey whats up? Yo I been tryin to call you all day man where you been? Now it ain't like that he been wit me all day I been tryin to call you Word, umm, really? Yeah, I got the flowers you sent me to my"
  • All I Need Is Love (feat. The Muppets) - Cee-Lo Green
    ""Ladies and gentleman May I introduce to you Who? Ceeeeeee Lo Green!" "What's up guys, how you doin'?" "What do you want for Christmas, Cee Lo?" "For Christmas?" All I need is love Aw, yeah All I need"
  • I Need You (harrison) - Beatles
    "Beatles Box Set I Need You (harrison) You don't realize how much i need you, love you all the time And never leave you. Please come on back to me. i'm lonely as can be. i need you. Said you had a thing"
  • All need love - Easily amused
    "Oh take away the pain Learn to walk away Well it's over now Gone far beyond the door You will be no more Well it's over now Never come again, no Still swift becomes your leaving us Well we all need love All"

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