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Anthrax - Cupajoe

  • Nobody Knows Anything - Anthrax
    "I've been choking on the air that you've been giving me It's all a game to you to me it's an atrocity As you another loop onto my noose I lose all sense of what is abuse 'Cause it's always been a bone"
  • Strap It On - Anthrax
    "And my plate is full And I feel the pull And my time is spent Searching for something that came and went Take me back Take me back to a golden time From '75 to '79 It makes it easy, so easy for me Strap"
  • Black Dahlia - Anthrax
    "Hardcase Fistful of brass Double barrelled pistons and a tank full of gas He's a heavyweight Enforcer inside Like a man in the chair he's gonna go for a ride Break him Take him down Squeeze him, watch"
  • Now It's Dark - Anthrax
    "In dreams I can rule your life With me nothing's ever right Sing for me up on a stage Keep your mind trapped in a cage I'm your man I'm what you need Dance with me but never lead One deep breath will set"
  • Schism - Anthrax
    "Don't look at me as a white man I'm just a man Don't look at me as a black man I'm just a man It takes a man to deal with ignorance Prove that you can Like having to climb a barbwire fence Can ya tell"
  • Misery Loves Company - Anthrax
    "I can hear you, I can hear you, lying I can see you, I can see you, faking I don't think you're, I don't think you're, working I want you to, I want you to, I want you to... Write for me, and only me A"
  • Cadillac Rock Box - Anthrax
    "Yo G money! This .... ciao here ringing you from the fucking Cadillac Rock Box here.. I suspect some mighty fine groovin' on this record here.. And eh.. shit! I have to call you tomorrow.. Alright brother,"
  • Taking The Music Back - Anthrax
    "Your lies that took me where I've been Your lies don't make me who I am Your lies that left me scarred And so fucking hard Your lies that burn me deep inside (inside..) Your lies that helped to bleed me"
  • Think About An End - Anthrax
    "Wake up on fire everyday And I never say good-bye.. Pre-determined destiny I've never been afraid to die.. Mmh! Ever since I was a kid I've seen things my own way with my own eyes.. With my hands I turn"
  • Finale - Anthrax
    "Life can be so wonderful Real love this time you fool And then you wake up And you'd chew off your own arm Or face the only graduate from Satans school of charm! I hear your mama callin' you I hear your"

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