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Antony Santos

  • Rooftop - Nico Santos
    "I got your fingerprints on my skin Every since that day you let me in I feel your vibes, they are circling You cut so deep, cut so deep Who needs love leaning to one side We’re free fallin’ in the jungle"
  • Do you ever think of me - Antony Costa
    "Do you ever wonder What sky I'm lying under Do you ever think of me Does your heart remember How we used to feel When it used to think of me All I need to know When you're on your own Do you miss what"
  • Love really hurts without you - Antony Costa
    "You run around town like a fool and you think that it's groovy You're givin' it to some other guy who gives you the eye You don't give nothin' to me, you painted a smile And you dress all the while to"
  • ROBIĘ RESTAR (ft. Magda Bereda) - Antony Esca
    "restart usze zrobić restart bo już nie mam miejsca przenoszę to do kosza mimo że śmieci starta o tym co było zapamiętam łyk amnezja restart usze zrobić restart bo już nie mam miejsca przenoszę to do kosza mimo"
  • Lua Cheia - Santos e Pecadores
    "Fria de viver Outra noite Venha a que vier O corpo na mo Quero amar Despertar no cho Pum pum pulsao Bate rouca Nessa direco Faz repirao Boca a boca Como quem no quer Ó lua cheia Diz-me que paixo De sexta-feira Febre"
  • Miss Solidao - Santos e Pecadores
    "Solido Eu e tu Somos 2 em 1 Quero amar J só sei Ser um "só" de ningum Miss Solido Eu amei Eu vivi No estou bem Solido Para onde vou Solido Sombra do que eu sou Solido Eu no demais ningum Solido Estou sem"
  • So Por Ti - Santos e Pecadores
    "tempo de mudar De ser feliz E deixar de ser Um mal menor hora de deixar Para trs Os erros que eu j sei J sei de cor Agora hora (x2) Sou um segredo Quero-te contar No tenhas medo Quero-te revelar Eu"
  • Deeper Than Love - Antony & The Johnsons
    "My heart is broken Here in the cup of my hands From between cracked fingers Old blood spills I had to move on, baby For when I tasted my own tears They were too sweet And I knew that I had come to close And"
  • Divine - Antony & The Johnsons
    "Good-Bye, baby Baby, good-bye Divine, oh Divine Falling like a picture of time Oh he was the Mother of America He was my self-determined guru Myself, I hold your big fat heart in my hands And I hold"
  • Blue Angel - Antony & The Johnsons
    "Blue angel It's the memory of your warmth That keeps me alive When I'm burning And my world's closing in Oh I'm on fire Oh I'm on fire I hold on to a wheel of burning fear Oh I'm on fire Oh I'm on"

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