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Aram - Not Alone

  • We're Not Alone - Son Of Dork
    "(james) yeah ! (Verse 1 (James):) Standing in crop circles naked Gazing at the stars Cause there's a possibility, there Could be life on Mars I hope they bring back Elvis Cause how crazy would that be? I"
  • You're Not Alone - Shayne Ward
    "She's getting out of bed At half past ten She starts to comb her hair Just an ordinary day She looks at her reflection Off the wall Why do I care at all Just an ordinary day An ordinary day That's hurting"
  • You're not alone - Modern Talking
    "How deep is is the ocean, how deep is your love I have the love in my eyes but how do you feel, when you can't get enough halfway to your paradise Oh my love is your love, forever and a day You are not"
  • You're Not Alone - MxPx
    "The time is near when I dont need this phone And we'll stay home alone and watch the twilight zone We're still young and I know your afraid But I don't regret all the plans we made Drive-in movies always"
  • Youre Not Alone - ATB
    "You're not alone Open your mind In a way it's all A matter of time I will not worry for you You'll be just fine Take my thoughts with you And when you look behind You will surely see A face that you recognize You're"
  • You're Not Alone - ATB
    "In a way it's a, a matter of time I will not worry for you, you'll be just fine Take my thoughts with you and when you look behind You will surely see a face that you recognize You're not alone You're"
  • Not Standing Alone - Alexz Johnson
    "I'd go where I know If the earth could find my feet I would run away and go where I know But you don't even care No you don't even care Whats fair Not standing alone Not standing around While they sit"
  • You're Not Alone - Amanda Stott
    "Haven't seen you at the Angel Cafe or any other place where the crowd hangs out. sorry crazy just yesterday seems like your the one their all talking about Tried to call a hundred times did you drown"
  • You're not alone - Saosin
    "That's just like him To wander off in the evergreen park Slowly searching For any sign of the ones he used to love He says hes got nothing left to live for (He says hes got nothing left) And this time"
  • Janie's Not Alone - Gotthard
    "Hard times, shadow of a street light Dark eyes, stealing to survive God knows, with a pocket full of hope she goes Young life, closing all around her, She'll be twelve, somewhere round June No chance,"

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