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Asle beck

  • Trash Can - Beck
    "Keep that light bulb burning Keep that light bulb bright Cadillac in the driveway I ain't got all night Keep that bird a-comin' Keep that bird a-comin' Keep that bird comin' I ain't got all night"
  • Loser (Demo) - Beck
    "'''Words in italics are possibly wrong.''' In the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey Butane in my veins and I'm out to cut the junkie With the plastic eyeballs, spray-paint the vegetables Dog food"
  • Sucker Without A Brain - Beck
    "sucker without a brain nothin to do again step into the street like the man on a flying trapeze here comes that bus right into your face now you're flying now you're flying home isn't it just like a"
  • Tasergun - Beck
    "I got a room down in Hollywood Rent was cheap It was this rooming house There was an old man who lived in the room next to me We shared a bathroom in the hall Stare at me through a crack in the door"
  • Leave Me On The Moon - Beck
    "(when the fat man shaving in the Pullman washroom grunts, "what's this?") leave me on the moon I must be coming back too soon pieces of pieces laying upon somebody's walking on my hands leave"
  • Heartland Feeling - Beck
    "I'm totally fucked up. I can barely speak. I'm totally fucked up. They gave me so many drugs. But, uh... I'm gonna be here... Alright, what we're talkin about here is... is kind of a... it's a heartland"
  • Big Stompin' Mama - Beck
    "(now brothers and sisters,...(? ) in vietnam... And I want you all to be singing while i'm Pickin up these herbs here...) Big stompin mama with a can of ? Thick gold chain wrapped around your neck Bottle"
  • Steve Threw Up - Beck
    "Steve had a big commotion the street fair was an ocean when he took three tabs of bad acid and off his melting jaw all the wonderful things he saw the pretty hair growin on...his sandwich well he looked"
  • Death Is Comin' To Get You - Beck
    "(a voice that sounds like darth vader: Eternal nothingness. I offer myself so that you might Cast your inscrutable dear silence upon me. o monstrous Hall, symbol of the greater glory of absence, darkness"
  • Totally Confused - Beck
    "I'm totally confused by you I'm totally confused by you Ten foot man Makin' my lunch You'll never understand I want you so much And I never never want it And I never never want it And I never"

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