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Baybe baybe baybe ohhh baybe

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Baybe baybe baybe ohhh baybe
  • Labrinth Sweet Riot
    "Woah We’re young and fresh You know we don’t do that, we impress Yeah Yeah Wooh oooh, yeah /x4 Hey grandma, say what’s that noise It’s a lot of hot girls and a bag of boys Come meet us, better join us"
  • Labrinth Up In Flames feat. Devlin & Tinchy Stryder
    "And It's All Clear For The Day Yeah May The Best Man Walk Away Eh To The Strongest To The Bravest When The Roof Blows Up In Flames Eh And It's All Clear For The Day May The Best Man Away If, To The Strongest To"
  • DJ Assad Addicted (ft. Mohombi, David Craig & Greg Parys)
    "I'm so addicted to you baby Hey hey hey Now I'm addicted to your touch I'm so excited I'm addicted to you baby ohhh Now, I'm addicted to your love I can't deny it My my heart beat Greg Parys Hit in the"
  • Paloma Faith Just Be
    "Let's grow old together Let's be unhappy forever Cause there's no one else in this world That I'd rather be unhappy with Let's be exposed and unprotected Let's see one another when we're weak Let's go"
  • Iggy Pop Let’s Boot And Rally (feat. Bethany Cosentino)
    "Oh, my my what have we done? Guess we had a little too much fun But what comes down, goes up again Don’t you worry about me my friend I’ll boot and rally, boot and rally, boot and rally, boot and rally"
  • Cobra Starship Disaster Boy
    "Ohhh /x2 I, I, I didn't sleep last night No you, you, you never really got me I, I'm not the kind of girl, That kisses and tells the world And I'm not the kind of guy you need, But somehow we both keep"
  • Joe Brooks Dating Game
    "Take your time, Hurry up make me feel like it is to make me feel like your my lover No need to rush, Tick Tick Tick Tock She's dressed, To impress It's easy eh, A piece of cake My other contest Left"
  • Halestorm I Miss The Misery
    "Ohhh, I miss the misery! Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh! I've been a mess since you stayed, I've been a wreck since you changed, Don't let me get in your way, I miss the lies and the pain, The fights that keep"
  • Cher Lloyd Want U Back (US Version)
    "Hey, boy you never had much game Thought I needed to upgrade So I went and walked away way way Now, I see you've been hanging out With that other girl in town Looking like a pair of clowns clowns clowns Remember"
  • Stooshe Love Me (Fuck Me)
    "Woah... Yeh yeh yeh Courtney! Rip... Whatever man, everyone does that adlib... Ha! Now girls, what we gonna call these guys that don't like it raw? Pussy'oles! You can explore me on Sunday, as Sunday's"

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