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  • Then What - Balthazar
    "If someone tell you the risk Now where can I get away of this Than What? If you keep this hard For coming completely apart Than What? When the bridge began for… Lost steps of the Than What? ... If"
  • What Now? - Loretta Lynn
    "If it's over between us, what now Can't forget you 'cause I don't know how Oh, what will I do, where do I go from you If it's over between us, what now If my heart's been deserted, what now Can't I stop"
  • So What - Tammy Cochran
    "Should've been easy, but it wasn't. Should be painless, but it's not. Should've seen the truth in you, but I didn't. Should've done a lot of things so what; so what? If it hadn't been for losing you,"
  • What About - Sparkle
    "Background Vocals: R. Kelly & Cynthia Jernigan What is gonna happen to us? Think about the children And all the things you promised me You say you wanna leave Without giving me a reason at all Boy,"
  • Like What - Shaquille ONeal
    "(Intro) (Shaquille O' Neal) This for all my brick city ballers All the people from the slums and the villages Slumvillage T.W.IsM. (Shaq) Don't be mad at the play Be mad at the game I consider myself"
  • So What - Ministry
    "die! die! die! die! scum sucking depravity debauched! anal fuck-fest, thrill olympics savage scourge supply and sanctify so what? so what? die! die! die! die! die! die! die! die! you said it! sedatives"
  • What If - Plain White T's
    "What if nobody likes me what if I don't succeed What if I give it all that I've got and I still don't got what they need What if I don't get anywhere at all Will I consider myself a failure will I be that"
  • What if - Andreas Johnson
    "If we had time to start it over The time to make things last If we grew young still older If we could redecorate the past If we could stop this world from falling With one silver little phrase We don't"
  • What If? - Westworld
    "Can you open minds Start revolutions Break new ground? Can you change the world Do you believe in something profound? Is it naive to visualize Utopia before our eyes? What if we could turn the tide Flip"
  • So What - Eves Plum
    "In a web full of trouble and strife Trying hard to make sense of my life Why tell you why tell you what I know? I can sit all day long longing for someone new Or I can knock one back, then hit the sack,"

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