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Better stronger

  • Stronger Than Ever - Raised Fist
    "We're back! We are rising from graves Just to see the disgrace In your fucking face Cos now we have realized That we get nothing done If we only have fun The resistance from you Don't you think that"
  • Stronger Than Me - Melissa Etheridge
    "So you closed your eyes in the morning You said you want to start smoking again You said you had that dream last night Of the stranger in your room You said you want to start making new friends Well"
  • Stronger every minute - Lisa Andreas
    "No matter where I amIm always thinking of youIt may be hard but I need you to understandThat I dont often say what I feelBut now this is straight from my heartMy love grows stronger every minuteAnd it"
  • Stronger Than Life - Sadus
    "No weak ones - Life goes on - Here I am - There's no end - This is life No pussies squeak - When life gets tweaked Stay straight be strong - Stay tight live long Stronger than life Pain creates strength"
  • Hate Grows Stronger - Grief
    "My rage burns deep inside me My will to hate is strong I can't keep control my anger It is tearing up my mind I'm pissed off at the world For reasons I don't know why I put the blame on you Your existence"
  • Stronger than ever - The Kelly Family
    "It used to how we cried In my bed, lot of tears A mount I have cried Anymore every night Everybody needs a friend Everybody needs a friend All right, all right, all right Now see I'll be rough While you're"
  • Makes me stronger - Chamillionaire
    "Stronger I ain't the rapper that you want to talk noise toIt only makes me strongerOnly makes me stronger, stronger, stronger Call the police, a paramedic and a nurseRap might be dead, but know what makes"
  • Stronger Than Before - Kreator
    "This life has brought you down Pushed your face into the ground Like ahuman sacrifice Trapped within a world of lies This life just took it all Almost deaf to hear the call Aggression is the only way Expression"
  • Stronger Than Hate - Sepultura
    "I Shall Redeem Myself From The Clutches That Grasp At My Inner Self No Tomorrow Will Ease My Oppression My Streak Of Hate Leads My Way Look At Me My Feelings Turn Stronger Than Hate I Can't Decide On Which"
  • Stronger than Jesus - A Camp
    "Who told you love is the Alfa and Omega?And that your heart will lead you to the only one?Its a curse, its the hammer that will break you,Its a poison hidden in a bon bonDont you know love is stronger"

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