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  • The One Thing - Michael Bolton
    "As I'm looking back in time My heart was young and the world was mine Driven by desires blind I remember someone told me as the years roll by Remember one thing, the one thing People come and people go The"
  • Soul Of My Soul - Michael Bolton
    "We may be strangers We may be worlds apart sometimes And it's hard to accept The things we just don't understand So blind to each other We only see one side of nowhere Some things we may never know If"
  • Completely - Michael Bolton
    "Completely, wanna give my love, completely I'd rather be alone than be in love just half the way I want to find someone that I can trust, completely Wanna give my heart, completely To someone who'll completely"
  • Lean On Me - Michael Bolton
    "Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain We all have sorrow But, if we are wise We know that there's always tomorrow CHORUS Lean on me, when you're not strong And I'll be your friend I'll help you carry"
  • Your Love - Michael Bolton
    "Oh will someone tell me What it is I feel Whatever it is I know it can't be real 'Cause your love Is turning me around I know I'm lost But I don't wanna be found Oh, no, I don't believe in love Honey,"
  • Dream While You Can - Michael Bolton
    "Dream little child, dream while you can Dream my child, dream while you can Of everything that I would dream If I had the time, dream while you can And fly little child, fly while you can Fly my child,"
  • Take Me As I Am - Michael Bolton
    "Woman, you don't understand Oh, I'm just a man Baby, that's all I am That's all I have ever been And you, you don't understand Oh, I've gotta live You make it so hard to do you know you hurt me, baby Take"
  • These Eyes - Michael Bolton
    "These eyes, cry every night for you These arms, they long to hold you again The hurtin's on me And I will never be free, no Gave a promise to me Then you broke it, and you broke it These eyes, watched"
  • You Mean More To Me - Michael Bolton
    "If you need me, know I'll soon be with you Just call me, I'll give you all the love I can give you Didn't you see the look on my face today You know I'll always be your slave CHORUS You mean more to me Than"
  • If I Had Your Love - Michael Bolton
    "If I had my way Fly into the air You know I would And if I had my way Fly without a care You know I would And if I had your love If I only had your love There'd be no if I had's at all If there was a"

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