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Champ elisse

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Champ elisse
  • Lil' Flip I'm The Greatest Player
    "Yeeah (Yeeah) Lil' Flip (Lil' Flipper) EA Sports It's In The Game NBA Live, Playa Skillz on the track Holla back, uh, oh oh After one year in college, I went straight to the pros So when I throw a no-look"
  • Georges Brassens B
    "Un champ de bl prenait racine Sous la coiffe de Bcassine, Ceux qui cherchaient la toison d'or Ailleurs avaient bigrement tort. Tous les seigneurs du voisinage, Les gros bonnets, grands personnages, Rvaient"
  • Paul Wall Just Paul Wall
    "Paul Wall, I'm the People's Champ It ain't easy bein the People's Champ It's the new me, new me, new me, new me... True, a lot of struggles I done been through and still goin through Let me show you what"
  • Paul Wall If You Knew Me
    "paul wall, im' the peoples champ it aint' easy bein the peoples champ its' the new me, new me; new me, new me true; a lot of struggles i done been through and still goin through let me show you what its'"
  • Alan Stivell Suite Sudarmoricaine
    "E pardon Spezed e oan bet Ur plac'h yaouank am eus kavet 'Barzh ar park vras hon eus kousket Ur verol bras am eus paket D'an ospital on bet kaset War an daol vras on bet lakaet Ha ma lost bras 'zo bet"
  • Claude Barzotti Je Pense ? Toi
    "Nous nous sommes connus deux pas de chez moi Dans un brouillard, du matin, au bord du chemin. Nous avons connu un amour merveilleux Et depuis, je ne t'ai plus vu, cris-moi que fais-tu. REFRAIN: Je pense"
  • Styx Great White Hope
    "(James Young) When I was a young man, I had to kick and scratch and claw Now it's like top gun in the Old West, everybody wants me to draw If I had known it would be like this I might have given it a"
  • Nanci Griffith Ballad Of Robin Winter-Smith
    "Mamma's in the kitchen rattlin' pans and the baby cries, on the TV news, somebody died He was a crazy biker in a motorcycle ridin' daredevil show, in Merry England, oh, ... twenty seven years old He was"
  • Nuttea Oh Mama
    "Celle-ci s'adresse toutes les nations toutes les familles sous pressionSi tu glorifies les armes ou prche la haineTon fils ou ta fille en fera de mme !Si nos enfants sont les hommes de demainPrions pour"
  • Royal Crown Revue The Contender
    "The lights are spinnin' I gotta get myself up off the floor My head is ringin' Bet they think I can't take too much more The crowd is howlin' Like the ocean's pounding roar My legs are goin' out Someone"

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