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Charity vance two birds

  • Feedback Birds - Run Level Zero
    "close your body around me entrap and embrace me, stick it in my favourite girl, bavarian beauty from Nremberg internal abrasions, three days trapped blasphemous being drink the stream of water bodies"
  • Tiny Birds - Yo La Tengo
    "I will go if you say you'll go do you want to go I won't talk at all but I'll go for a ride I will go if you just let go do you want to go Is it all because of the time I took your advice I will go"
  • Ghetto Birds - Mystic
    "with your name in wet concrete you still aint own the block let your money counter tick time still gone tock you could walk around in a hennesey bliss 'n' keep fuckin them bitches that you aint even kiss you"
  • Cheap Birds - ApologetiX
    "You do not need to fear tomorrow Would you still remember please That God must keep track of sparrows And there's so many ravens God's got to feed But if God takes care of bluebirds He'll bless you and"
  • Winter Birds - Ray LaMontagne
    "It's the Widow now that owns that angry plow, The spartan Mule and The Crippled Cow The fallow field that will yield no more, As the fox lay sleeping beneath her kitchen floor The stream can't contain"
  • Little Birds - Neutral Milk Hotel
    "Little birds born without a mother or a father I can watch their bodies forming in the running water Now there is another in the middle of my mouth A hundred altogether within me now Little bird, little"
  • Woven Birds - Calexico
    "The plaza in the village where mission bells used to ring is now crumbled to a pile of stench and ruin even the swallows have spring all the blossoms are burried neath the waste out of the shadows grow"
  • Fuzzy Birds - Super Furry Animals
    "Hamster, turnin' round in your wheel I've got something to tell you: I can harness your feel Dynamo for electricity You empower my feelings Give me light for me to see So won't you give me some food? I"
  • Yacht Birds - Mc Chris
    "Is she dope? Yep, ass in full effect, she walks into the room and all the guys come down with strep, thinking they can step, their hands get wet with sweat, but she been down with me since Fett's Vette."
  • Birds = Magic - The Divorce
    "All we wanted was to make you dance And all we asked you for was just the chance To drain your blood and fill you up with gas And leave you begging us to light the match And just so you know, So we're"

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