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Comes Water

  • Water On A Stove - Kisschasy
    "My hair weeps for air, a shower and a comb She's clean enough for me and looks good in yellow. Im dissolved in alcohol but she's in perfect care. The queen of my worst dreams and I'm her biggest... nightmare. Now"
  • Water - PJ Harvey
    "Water Walking Walking on water Walking Walking on for years and years and years Taking it into my head Living by the right lines Reading what the very man said Water I'm walking Walking on water Walking Walking"
  • Water And A Seat - Stephen Malkmus
    "(note: these lyrics are probably off, but they are a good first guess; someone please fix them!) before you go know what you say will never keep tides away cut a window through a wall hello hello hello"
  • Washed by the water - NEEDTOBREATHE
    "Even when the rain falls Even when the flood starts rising Even when the storm comes I am washed by the water Daddy was a preacher She was his wife Just tryin to make the world a little better You know,"
  • Water - The Who
    "The foreman over there hates the gang, The poor people on the farms get it so rough, Truck drivers drive like the devil, The policemen they're acting so tough. They need water, Good water, They need water, And"
  • Walkin' on the water - Glenn Hughes
    "Somewhere a man is waiting for his callsomewhere a baby is waiting to be bornsomewhere there's a womangot her back against the wallsomewhere time keeps slippin'I can watch it fallBut it won't be easyso"
  • Water - PJ Harvey
    "water walking on water for years taking it into my head living by the right lines reading what the very man said water walking on water neighing on eleven years taking it into my head mary mary drop"
  • Water - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Intro) Ladies & Thugs please Report to the dance floor Its Ying Yang Twins and Were about to take over the GAME GAME GAME GAME (Hook) (D-Roc) Say 1 Say 2 Say U know what to do We gone start the fun Were"
  • Water - Tara MacLean
    "What is this all about? Crossing this river now, Rushing through my blood (my blood) What do you need me for? Funny you'll never say, And still I give you more, than ever *Meet me in the water I will"
  • Too Late Love Comes - Jennifer Warnes
    "my home has been a warrior field where now and then I've seen a rainbow rising over the graves down in the gentle green and as I waltzed across the mine time sped to breathlessly as I fought for love and"

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