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Could could could

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Could could could
  • Alexz Johnson Could Be You
    "You and me, all alone It's to late to say we didn't know We shouldn't be, all alone One of us might lose control All these feelings we've been hiding Deep down, ya they must start to show Not here, not"
  • K-Ci & JoJo How Could You
    "All I can do Is sit alone In my room, baby Thinking about you How could this be That you are not here with me When I gave you the best of me I face each day, each day Without a smile and life seems"
  • Mainstay This Could Be
    "I'm giving weight to circumstance You'd swear I'm hopeless This time just isn't like the last I said that last time too This could be, this could be Its over, the summer is almost gone This could be history It's"
  • Planetshakers Could I Ever
    "When I woke up today Thought of all the things You've done Found myself here Feeling all so overcome You gave Your life away for me Truly my heart belongs to You So let me say Could I ever thank You"
  • Jesus And Mary Chain Wish I Could
    "sung by William written by William Buscamos fuego Y colocamos una chispa Las chispas brillan intensamente como las estrellas en la obscuridad Por supuesto apenas se complacen de ti Y deseo poder enamorarme"
  • Anita Baker How Could You
    "It's right, it's real, baby, it's true Yeah the sun and the moon revolve around only you And the magic you do How could I be blue, not with you Always on my mind, I need you baby Darling would you mind"
  • Kasey Chambers If I Could
    "If i could make my livin' Goin' fishing then i would make my livin' with a line and pole put food on the table give the money to the landlord buy some workin' clothes cause i ain't making money goin' fishing like"
  • Queensryche How Could I?
    "There you were like a ghost from my early days, staring straight ahead at me. How could I ever guess, from that moment on, just how everything would change. How could I know? I recall something strange"
  • Queensryche How could i
    "There you were like A ghost from my early days Staring straight ahead at me. How could I ever guess From that moment on Just how everything would change. How could I know? I recall something strange"
  • Type O Negative How Could She?
    "Wilma Flintstone, Marcia Brady, Alice Kramden, Gladys Kravitz, Laverne and Shirley, Jeannie Morticia Adams, Aunt Esther, Sweet Polly Purebread, Natasha, Mrs. MacGillicuddy How could she? Ginger, Mary"

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