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Craft Spells

  • Lesson 7 Glasses - Kan Mikami
    "Turning spirals Two circles Two batteries from the dollar store Five metres of kids' craft copper wire Adding gold to a hidden taste And sending it to you It's nice, isn't it Playing with it till you"
  • Empress Of Andromeda - Gate 9
    "Hey, Goddess of cosmic equilibrium. Craft our souls to raise as Titans, as We praise our dawn. Help us paint a sky, In neon colours, as we get high. Travel with us, in supersonic speed, As we crash"
  • Mushroom Art - Guided By Voices
    "Living without you is difficult But our dead dreams awake In my mushroom art Do not observe her beauty Cloud-faced old man winking You see, he tests me He wants I should join him in gratitude For his"
  • Rain Of July - Heavenwood
    "Bloody tongue... so cold She dances around my neck Swallow me Swallow me Tasting poisenous rain But blood is what she claims Swallow me Swallow me Witched by her craft I scream from painful pleasure Swallow"
  • All for love of one - Mediaeval Baebes
    "I must go walk the wood so wildAnd wander here and thereIn dred and deadly fereFor where I trusted I am begeldAnd all for love of oneThus am I banished from my blissBy craft and false pretenceAs one from"
  • Moses in my life - 10Hands
    "He got a wizened face And a crooked staff He works his art He works his craft I got Moses in my life He got the evil eye He got leather skin He brings me dirt He brings me sin I got Moses in my life That's"
  • Eriatarka - The Mars Volta
    "And there are those who Hadn't found the speaking so wrong Is it wrong Of pavolov lore They ran rampant through the floors Is this wrong Feels so wrong Happened on a respirator In the basements Are they"
  • Witch-Storm - Bal-Sagoth
    "Silvern skull, sable shroud, ebon tower, onyx crown. Witchfire, black citadel, frost-shrouded steel, moon-veiled spell. The skyqueen of the dead rides forth, black storm-borne steeds, (their flanks anointed"
  • U & Me = Love - Jewel
    "Walk down the street 2 a psychedelic beat I'm a real girl In an unreal world Disco lights and buff bodies are nice I'm like any girl; I enjoy the sights But I'm no Cinderella 2 your storybook fella I'm"
  • Song Duet (Valsa Dueto) - Carlos Lyra
    "Listen, now my love And hear the voice That comes from solitude Everything is hushed The moon rejoices With passion and quietude Come, the night is fair I want to see within your eyes The morning star Go"

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