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D.O.D dope

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D.O.D dope
  • Master P Dope, Pussy And Money
    "yo P man I can't find these fuckin' cards and shit man I'm a find 'em, hold up hold up hold up Damn see man what's wrong with you You been smokin' dank or somethin' Man I don't know man I was"
  • Marilyn Manson Dope Hat/Diary Of A Dope Fiend/Dance Of The Dope Hats (Remix)
    "I peek into the hole, I struggle for control The children love the show, but they fail to see the anguish in my eyes Fail to see the anguish in my eyes I scratch around the brim, I let my mind give"
  • Brooke Valentine D-Girl (Dope Girl)
    "(feat. Pimp C) Subliminal! Naw'm talkin' bout It's going down! Sweet Jones (Sweet Jones) Brooke Valentine (Brooke Valentine) Naw'm talkin' bout My car candy coated, never voted At the age"
  • Arabian Prince It's A Dope Thang
    "Wakin up to the sound I'm boomin From the brothers in the g-ride zoomin Rollin down the shore, lookin for the law No way they're gonna stop this pay-off Workin 24 hours a day Yo these brothers get stupid"
  • Ass Ponys No Dope No Cigarettes
    "on the news today they ran her picture twice they found her in a shallow stream half frozen in the ice you listen to the rain from your room all day it continues raining it will wash it all away no dope,"
  • Pushmonkey A Woman Named Dope
    "There calm in her eye She drawing a breath A sting in her hit A piece of regret She gave my sex away She gave my taste away She breaking my trip and making me slip come on A woman named dope is dragging"
  • The Dandy Warhols The Dope (Wonderful You)
    "Wonderful you The dope you are And beautiful me Came for your party. Well lately I can't stop talking about you. And mainly I'm wondering why in the hell I left without you. Take heart Because you're"
  • Charlie Daniels Band Pope And The Dope
    "Now if an order was to come down From the Pope The Catholics ain't allowed To smoke no dope If they couldn't get high Would they feel real low Would they get pissed off Down in Mexico And If Mayor John"
  • Andre Nickatina Smoke Dope And Rap
    "I smoke chewy like a mother fucking nut You got a grab bag hit the zags and roll her up Cuz a nigga like me, cant fake it when im high Get the visine for the tight red eyes Jumped in the Cutlass with the"
  • Dre Dog Smoke Dope And Rap
    "I smoke chewy like a mothafuckin nut You got a gram bag hit the zags and roll her up Cuz a nigga like me can't fake it when I'm high Get the Visine for the tight red eyes Jump in the Cutlass with the niggas"

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