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  • Remember - Scribe
    "P-MONEY FEAT SCRIBE Try to remember when life was slow, Try to remember when you were young, and Try to remember when life was slow, Try to remember when you were young. You used to be my man, we"
  • Remember - The Raveonettes
    "And I Never Think You'll Get It Tonight You're Doing Something This Fix Is More Important Than You Are Hooking In The Streets Don't You Have Somewhere To Go This Man Is More Important Than You Are Girl"
  • Remember - Lil Romeo
    "I love you You love me Walk with me Girl talk to me Be down for me Wait around for me Care for me Be there for me How many remember when they first kiss How many remember when they first wish How many"
  • Remember - Free
    "Do you remember Every morning We would dress And we'd be still yawning, In the street Where people meet We would wander around In the northen heat. All these days are gone My Baby, now I'm all alone I"
  • Remember - Vaya Con Dios
    "Remember, the gipsy never gets lonely Remember, the gipsy never gets lonely He spends his nights doing what They pay him well to do He don't talk too much Won't waste no words on you He's the meanest"
  • Remember - Velvet Belly
    "Another year has gone by You're quite satisfied There's only one thing missing And in your big bed You lie awake at night One's too young And one too fragile And there is always Something you've been"
  • Remember - Mai Hoshimura
    "Do You Remember? futari ga deatta toki no koto jikan ga tatsu no mo wasure takusan hanashi wo shita ne ano koro to kurabete nareaisugita kara tekitou ni aidzuchi uttari kizutsukeattari yo ga akeru"
  • Remember - Skold
    "Doesn't matter if the world stop turning, I don't think I'd even care. And if God decides to drop the curtain, It won't matter much to me.. Granted clemency, I loose myself in apathy. Perverse affinity,"
  • Remember - NRG
    "I'll be missing you in my heart. I know that its not it. That it's me who cannot stand by your side. And I know that its the end but its not easy for me. When the season we first met comes around a familiar"
  • Remember - NoMeansNo
    "I recall at the end of it all You were on your knees and I was standing tall But is my memory deceiving me? Was I hanging there while you prayed for me? Remember how when the show was done, We were"

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