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Dee parpl child in timr

  • Boogie Child - Bee Gees
    "Boogie - ah, you sexy, sexy (boogie child) Boogie - the situation wrecks me Boogie - I can't stand the way you do it (boogie child) Boogie - bad girl don't put me through it Boogie - right to the limit"
  • Unwanted child - Jennifer Rush
    "I opened up my door for you But you wouldnt come inside You told me that youve always been An unwanted child You never needed anyone Youve always been alone You were always on the run You never had a home"
  • Radio Child - Widespread Panic
    "Always been the radio's child Quick-to-smile precious baby Search the dial and electrify Drive a tight little corner back in the mirror Radio boys trying on all their moves Spare some change and testify Radio"
  • Nobody's Child - Traveling Wilburys
    "As I was slowly passing An orphan's home today I stopped for just a little while To watch the children play Alone a boy was standing And when I asked him why He turned with eyes that could not see And"
  • Honey Child - Bad Company
    "Well, the first time that I met you, you were only 17 But I had to put you down 'cause I didn't know where you'd been You had a long black dress, your hair in a mess You didn't seem to have no class But"
  • Mystic Child - Lou Reed
    "It was only the time of the newly born dead with wispy cobwebs in your head the polar moon looked out instead goin' wild Liquor shifting through the brain the manic depressive goes insane goin' wild goin'"
  • Lonely Child - Cherylann Gray
    "Cherylann Gray Miscellaneous Lonely Child Small child with large innocent eyes, He's unable to accuse or despise. He's a child that's caught in between a whirlwind, unperdictable society. He never questions"
  • Tuesday's Child - Chapman Steven Curtis
    "Chapman Steven Curtis Real Life Conversations Tuesday's Child Steven Curtis Chapman/Dale Oliver/Dave Mullen Just when I thought I was strong Another weak day comes along And all my righteousness goes"
  • Ghetto Child - Joee
    ""Ghetto Child" (feat. Shaggy) {All the ghettos around the world} {Dig this} {Ghetto Fabulous Joe} {Shaggy} All the children sing {Uh} I'm a ghetto child I'm a ghetto child (Check it, out) There's a"
  • Evil Child - Rick Springfield
    "Born crying Abnormized I was schooled by the devils child I did things you only dream of I was wild inside And he said I was evil Cause I am just an evil child Through the rain and sunshine They"

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