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Dla dziewczyny long

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Dla dziewczyny long
  • Kucci TRAPLIFE
    "REF: Szybki seks, szybki cash, szybkie życie, spalam stres Mało jesz, wiecej gadasz, u mnie znów na gastro tatar Ona znowu tutaj wpada, gouda leje się jak lawa Ona znowu tutaj wpada, robi swoje i spierdala"
  • Lena Marzec You & Me
    "It’s up to us If we wanna see a change Not let it stay this way We have the strengh To make a better place Will you meet me half way I know , we both know It could be a long road But we have this goal We"
  • Victoria Monét Touch Me (feat. Kehlani)
    "Touch me Feel me Went from hands on the wheel To hands on my thigh To hands on my body On the back of the Porsche I am in love with your fingertips I reminisce Places you kiss Girl, it;s been too long And"
  • Britney Spears & Madonna Me Against The Music
    "All my people in the crowd Grab a partner take it down It's me against the music (Uh-huh) It's just me (And me) Yeah (Come on) Ho (Hey, Britney) Are you ready (Uh-huh, are you) Uh And no one cares It's"
  • BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls
    "Lovesick Girls Lovesick Girls Endless night Love trapped us in a windowless room (Love) What can we say Long for love Even though it hurts every time Get hurt and break down I don’t know what’s keeping"
  • Anderson .Paak JEWELZ
    "You know you kinda cute with the bald head Got a little booty in the Balmains You know how to move with tchem long legs Bring you little crew we can all rage The tesla rides smooth down the PCH I think"
  • Lana Del Rey Let Me Love You Like a Woman
    "I come from a small town, how ‘bout you? I only mention it’ cause u am ready to leave L.A. And i want you to come EIghty miles Nort hor South will do I don’ care where as long as you’re with me And i "
  • Van Halen 5150
    "The love line is never straight and narrow Unless your love is tried and true We take a chance with new beginnings Still we try (Oooh) Win or lose (Oooh) Take the highs (Oooh) With the blues (Oooh) Always"
  • Kacper HTA, Fonos Zbrodnia i kara
    "Nie wszytko jest czarno białe Gdzie straciłem i pogrzebałem wiarę Wciąż czekam na karę lecz nie w kryminale mentalny areszt i gorzej, bo same są myśli na zmianę przeplata się dobro i zło jak dzień i noc jak"
  • Cher Lloyd One Drink Away
    "You see how i pul lup to the party Came in with an attitude i am bossy I know that i am keeping ypur attentiom But i ain’t tryna hook up wih nobody I took 9 shots I like the way they hit me I am in this"

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