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Dragon shore

  • Lake shore drive - Innocence Mission
    "Regret has gone down in my estimation now.The old world had you smiling out,putting your arms around.I tell myself nowthings I would have told to you,the smallest plan, the greatest news.The more days"
  • Becoming The Dragon - Trivium
    "Swimming the river ascending Free of Fear, filled with purpose "Nishikigoi fights through oceans of adversity Against the current to obtain the highest goal Swim through oceans of suffering Climb to the"
  • Le dragon sommeille - Iam
    "Un dragon je viens de voir un dragon vous me croyez pas hein ! Le dragon le dragon Le dragon le dragon Le dragon le dragon Le dragon le dragon apparat l'horizon Envoie ses ondes nfastes depuis sa constellation"
  • Unleash The Dragon - Sisqo
    "Oooh, The Dragon What I'm about to do I'm sure nobody expected But that's what I do Y'all know me Know me now? I'm about to unleash the dragon Uh uh come on Here I come Niggas hold me back Tired of holdin"
  • Enter The Dragon - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "When the smog clears and the sun goes down Your life begins, 'til you hit the ground. Let's go. Soaking it all up, with pain and misery, It's not for everyone, but it works for me. That's right. Taking"
  • Contra El Dragon - Los Acosta
    "Esta es mi vida como un cuento me paso que una princesa con sus ojos me embrujo y al besarme muchas cosas prometio Esta es mi vida que no es nada de ficcion que en un castillo de amargura me dejo"
  • Where's the Dragon - Lordi
    "Now you see the dragon You told everyone you had You're too out of bragging Oh sir you are so bad Wanna see the head of the leviathan That you said you probably slayed Show me where's the belt of"
  • Dragon isle cathedral - Gary Hughes
    "Rising from the ocean like a fortressfrom the black,The Pagan sacred isle "Ynys Mon"It looms before me now there's noturning blackAs my Kingdom and my destiny comeI'm sailing on the wings of time,The paths"
  • The Dragon Bites - Venerea
    "It's coming down from above the clouds Bared fangs and howling aloud It's a carnivore kill the lights The dragon bites Yeah, finally unleashed The black beast came from the east It's the last time the"
  • Dragon of Doom - Runemagick
    "End is coming closer Memories of life Monuments in death A great end this is Enter the realm of death Bultures from beyond Entangled in suffering Rise of the dragon of doom Requiem of the apocalypse Summing"

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