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EZ Livin

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EZ Livin
  • J.J. Cale Livin' Here Too
    "(J.J. Cale) Don't ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies I was born on a freight train passing by My mother was poor, my father too I'll take anything I can get from you I did not make this world"
  • Keith Caputo Livin The Blues
    "for now's the time for your tears so i'll bid farewell and be gone until we meet again i'll just bid farewell i'll be down the road since you've been gone i got my, my head bowed down so give me the news"
  • Gary Moore Livin' On Dreams
    "Used to stand on the corner of the street, Watching the world go by. Movin' on when the cops came along, Looking 'em in the eye. Young guys with stars in their eyes, Trying to make ends meet. Young guys"
  • Limp Bizkit Livin' It Up
    "this is dedicated to you ben stiller you are my favorite mother fucker i told you, didn't i drama makes the world go around does anybody got a problem with that (yeah) my business, is my business who's"
  • Milk Inc Livin' A Lie
    "You put on a fight, blaming me the feelings gone, but I know you aint right, I never felt it all along. I hide away my fear, hoping no-one will come near, cause they cant see me when Im trying to be me. Livin"
  • Boston Livin' For You
    "(Scholz) Livin' without you never could be so wrong Don't need to say it, I never waited so long Thinking about yo in everthing I do Love for giving You know I'm just livin' for you And I, I never needed"
  • Linda Davis Livin' The Dream
    "Everyone says that you're wasting your time That thing that you're chasing ain't worth a dime They're juts blowin' in the wind Yeah what do they know They probably told that to Dylan a long time ago There's"
  • Steel Dragon Livin' The Life
    "Got a ticket for a ride Never stop until I'm satisfied It's a party on the sun Feel the heat comin' from my gun Flyin' high on rock n roll Like a fever burnin' in my soul Livin' the life I was born to"
  • Holy Mother Livin' On Luck
    "Bily earned a right ticket to another way Gotta tell his mom Heaven is a better place Everything inside Makes him wonder why he's here There's no way out No way out Everything you hate Everything is all"
  • Tupac This Ain't Livin
    "This ain't livin.. Nigga - I hear even the smaller G's be dippin Chevy Impalas while flossin they gold D's, O.G.'s, is who they follow We (?)swallow tomorrow(?) see, what we leave is hollow We feed"

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