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Effice 65

  • Pubic's Tube - Buck 65
    "Pubics tube-- spoken: stinkin rich is x rated buck: guess whos squirtin', comin', playin' with the kitty cat it's uncle climax with a fist full of titty fat shaggin' like i don't give a cripple-crap-crutch with"
  • Sick Stew - Buck 65
    "with the force of a collision and the flames of a bonfire rages the yin and yang, my right hand von squire. snake brother, consimate professional take cover, confessional, the seeker, four elements, the"
  • Untitled (3:11) - Buck 65
    "I wandered the fields and listen for the sound of drums The colder the ground becomes the closer I get to home The planets not fit to roam but with all the chaos But, when I saw the savages I played the"
  • People Of Tomorrow - Eiffel 65
    "People of tomorrow Na na na CPU Generation You are the nation You are the future world Today You're walking off to school With your game boy But tomorrow you will Lead the way Computer kids Born in the"
  • Journey - Eiffel 65
    "The journey Into the people Into the sounds, into the truth The truth is out there, inside of you A journey, a journey in you Journey Into the people People that reach out Reach out for something Again"
  • 80's Stars - Eiffel 65
    "All The music around me don't touch me no more I can't feel the vibe Two thousand new songs and they sound all the same I need something more But I heard the radio playing that song I'm wondering why O-ho"
  • World In The World - Eiffel 65
    "When the world will fall apart, And it feels like there's no air, There's a place where you can run To see your problems left behind. When your faith seems locked away, And the grey is all you see, There's"
  • Tu Credi - Eiffel 65
    "Venti di guerra, picchiano su noi Il buon senso cede il posto ai martiri e agli eroi Se il mondo pompa odio la speranza sanguina un po' Ma ho fiducia perche , Ragazza tu credi che Tu credi che nel mondo"
  • La Mia Lente - Eiffel 65
    "Per chi la solitudine e A volte un' amica Come un cerotto su una ferita Per chi non si rialzera piu Perche il dolore schiaccia il dolore butta giu E per chi crede che no Sopportarsi a vivere insieme"
  • Like A Rolling Stone - Eiffel 65
    "Like a rolling stone Semplicemente vivro Sempre in cerca di un'etica Che mi faccia vivere in liberta Like a rolling stone Eternamente vivro Componendo una musica Che non segue sempre la tonalita Sometimes"

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