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Everyday bro

  • Everyday - Lil' Flip
    "(feat. B.G., Lil' Marice, Taz) On the block avanna to magnolia tryna shine I scored a bird and I flipped dat bitch forty times Now we ballin from Houston to New Orleans seven figures (ya'll lyin) Got"
  • Everyday - Memphis Bleek
    "(feat. Carl Thomas) Yeah (oh), yo (oh) Ay yo, you niggas know the Memph stay high and shit Eleven hundred on Sunset burn the strip Tryna choose which freak can drive the whip You know the five double"
  • Everyday - Z-RO
    "My nigga Redd been assisting me with holdin my head but I can't focuse cause so many niggaz in the street owe me some bread and if you fuckin' with my mind lately, how could it be greed? if all I want"
  • Everyday - M.M.O.
    "Oh yeah.. (G&B)Ohhhh.. oooh yeah (M.O.P.)Oh-ohhhh, ooooh (yeah)Oh-ohhhh (Primo bring it back, uh-huh, yo)Oooooh-ohhh, ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhhYeahhh, yeahhhhWhen you're living your life (when you're"
  • Everyday - D-Side
    "You know there's nothing that means more to me,You are perfection in my eyes,You know I think about you constantly,You take the question out of why.No one could every make me feel better,You make all my"
  • Everyday - M.O.P.
    "Oh yeah.. (G&B) Ohhhh.. oooh yeah (M.O.P.) Oh-ohhhh, ooooh (yeah) Oh-ohhhh (Primo bring it back, uh-huh, yo) Oooooh-ohhh, ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhh Yeahhh, yeahhhh When you're living your life (when you're"
  • Everyday - Lucy Pearl
    "Yes I'm coming over now I've been waiting all day long I feel like you know what's going on You've always given me some greater times Here's my only one request Don't ever stop giving me your best"
  • Everyday - The Hollies
    "Every day, it's a-getting closer Going faster than a roller coaster Love like yours will surely come my way Every day, it's a a-getting faster Everyone says go ahead and ask her Love like yours will surely"
  • Everyday - Stevie Nicks
    "Words and Music by John Shanks and Damon Johnson. Don't keep me hangin' on a string Tell me what I feel is no big thing Don't turn away, I'm listening Over and over again Don't give me visions to explain There"
  • Everyday - Kottonmouth Kings
    "This one's dedicated, to the Big LT and the reality of life Take a moment smoke a bowl, let's talk about life (What's that?) Simply reality of life Now death to the motherfucker that causes strife R.I.P."

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