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Falco nachtflug

  • No answer - Falco
    "I got up this morning felt so bad Its weird, really feel out of whack I got the urge to call home and I go to the hook and pick up the phone, sayin - Just wanted to say "Hi" to all my friends Calling West-Berlin,"
  • Nothin sweeter than Arabia - Falco
    "Yah,Yah,Yahlah,They say there is religionThere is a kind of tasteGet me the celebrationAnd I will give you the wasteThere will be no dangerNo trouble at allWe need a stand-up togetherThose curtains are"
  • Psycho's - Falco
    "Sie haen Softies, haen se Brder brauchen keine Leader, sind sich selber das Lied den D.I.N.K.S. ein Rtsel, den G.R.U.M.P.I.E.S. too hip den P.O.S.T.I.E.S. too trendy, den M.I.L.K.I.E.S. too sickSind die"
  • Push push - Falco
    "Come take a ride Or a slipnside To sit astridengliden. ....Push!Push! Please pull the strings Bees use their stings Birds spread their wing and Some things...Push! Push! A puss that pures By settinspures"
  • S.C.A.N.D.A.L - Falco
    "Es sagt dein Hirn dir, tue jenes nicht- but it's only Rock n' Roll, und dein Gesicht SKANDAL- Die Experten weisen dir das Licht Geht es an die Wsche, kennen sie dich nicht Everybody Everywhere-it's a scandal,"
  • Tanja P. nicht Cindy C - Falco
    "Tanja P. nicht Cindy C. Es steht fest, in dieser Klinik bist nur Du meine Therapie. Ich frage sie - So oft wie nie - Wie hei ist meine Hose mit und ohne Eis - In der Prrie Doch sagt ihr Mund mir leider"
  • Tut-Ench-Amon - Falco
    "Been and seen down flight from chicago All aboard the African Queen I am on a night boat down to cairo Feeling like a tourist with a foreign man abroad Tells it like he thinks it is, but I know he is fraud"
  • Where are you now - Falco
    "Day after day, one despetate night after another, searching for youThrough the ice-cold wind, looking for something, anything that might lead me to you.But not even a trace, well apart from the one red"
  • Wie sand am himalaya - Falco
    "Come on, come onDas Licht ging ausUnd du dachtest schon dich streift ein BusOder war's ihr Kuss- Twilight ZoneAbgehoben ist die Welt von HeutOb zu zweit oderAm Canape bei Sigmund FreudZu, zu immer zuWondering"
  • Zuviel hitze (english) - Falco
    "0.00 o'clock and no sign of you, your business goes well as usual The strongest in town submit themselfs to your every need "golden nose" is what they call you at the Scene Ah, ah, she stirs you up and"

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