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  • Reduced To Mere Filth - Job For A Cowboy
    "Over time in a world where religion has dispersed Modern times have shown these connections to slowly deterate with empires alleging their holy books to have absolutly no flaws all accepting everthing"
  • I Walk Alone - Iced Earth
    "I am your inner fear, your kind refuse to hear. I am the light, I am the way, but the fallacies of men are easy to embrace. And I am purest form. I always weather every storm. And though you fail to see, the"
  • Kids of today - Templars
    "We run through the streets of your crumbling towns Where wide-spread depression is all around and all of the kids need something to do we're trying our best not to end up like you CHORUS We don't need"
  • Porphyria Cutanea Tarda - AF1
    "AF1 Miscellaneous Porphyria Cutanea Tarda i know.... it's here we retreat, for where else would we go? to great disbelief there is somewhere we belong. in negative space supposed flaws go unseen, but our"
  • Interlude - London Grammar
    "Great stairs beneath the moon Tonight I’ll be dreaming over you People the rhythm instead And there you’ll be, there you’ll be inside my head I will dream of you You’ll dream of me too Your arms go around"
  • Clarity - Abeline
    "Pulling me down, around There's a splinter of light Leaking through the darkness And piercing through my eyes Oh, break away, cause the thoughts of reason all become lost In the end there's no use in trying"
  • Locked Away (ft. Adam Levine) - R. City
    "If I got locked away and we lost it all today Tell me honestly would you still love me the same? If I showed you my flaws if I couldn't be strong Tell me honestly would you still love me the same? Right"
  • Everybody's Fool - Evanescence
    "perfect by nature icons of self indulgence just what we all need more lies about a world that never was and never will be have you no shame don't you see me you know you'e got everybody fooled look here"
  • Fabulous - Ally Brooke
    "Nobodies perfect i got my flaws but man I’m gorgeous he keeps me calling cause I am worth it keep him in check, I make him earn it in my past I put my heart in someone else’s hands let everybody tell"
  • Little League - Wallice
    "I always win Every game I play I hate the sound Of second place We’re at match point You’re not keeping score You play for fun I’m so god damn bored Then I cry myself to sleep I think everyone hates"

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