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Folsom prison

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Folsom prison
  • Xasthur The Prison Of Mirrors
    "The prison of mirrors... we can't see, Yet trapped we are... by its reflection, It sees all fear and watches our downfall, It will rip all lies and pride from the soul. You are all... all that you hate, Force"
  • Alec Benjamin Mind Is A Prison
    "I don’t live in California I’ll inform that’s not where I reside I am just a tenant payment rent inside this body and i got 2 windows and those windows well I’ll call them my eyes I am just going where"
  • Rocky Votolato Prison Is Private Property
    "the have nots have had enough and now they're out to kill the king of what looks to be an evil empire where short-term earnings mean everything there's a pressure to deliver here, your gonna get hurt if"
  • Joan Baez Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose)
    "Billy Rose was a low rider, Billy Rose was a night fighter Billy knew trouble like the sound of his own name Busted on a drunken charge driving someone else's car The local midnight sheriffs claim to fame In"
  • Boy Hits Car A Letter From Prison
    "Sometimes I wonder torn between my heart, Torn between my heart and my mind. And I feel my body to see if I'm in, If I'm in tune with what I find. But I don't know how to feel. And I don't know what to"
  • Creed My own prison (deutsche)
    "Ein Gericht hat sich versammelt, ein Urteilsspruch wird verkuendet. Keine Beschwerde steht auf dem Plan, lediglich meine eigene Suende. Die Waende sind kalt und blass, der Kaefig ist aus Stahl. Schreie"
  • New York Rel-X Sorrow Is A Prison
    "The day will come it's fast around The bars, the walls come falling down Ooh my fantasies to break from in these institutions Ooh it's bitter sweet, but I can't live without my dreams I'll try...."
  • Closet Monster Prison Of Your Mind
    "Freedom doesn't lie inside your hands it lies inside your head Blood on your shoes, you'll dance for them until one day you end up dead One FIST One VOICE Gunna make a lot of noise One STAND One FIGHT"
  • John Lennon Born In A Prison
    "We are born in a prision, raised in a prision Send to a prision called school, We cry in a prision, We love in a prision, We live in a prision, like fools. Wood becomes a flut when it's loved, reach"
  • Kaye Styles Prison Break Anthem (Original version)
    "Its a prison break anthem, prison break anthem Just what you need, just what you need Theres a story about a man, hes been put down Some real shit has him locked up right now An attention about a hero"

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