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Foreigner -
  • Foreigner Back Where You Belong
    "I felt so sure of the love that we shared There was no reason on earth to be scared Then I heard a rumor, it started to grow Slowly but surely, the truth began to show Then I started wonderin', as I picked"
  • Foreigner I'll Fight For You
    "I'm turning to you When love is on my mind You're all I want, woman And love's so hard to find. I know that I hurt you And I know that I was wrong But I want you back Back where you belong Oh, yeah. And"
  • Foreigner Moment Of Truth
    "Don't expect me to treat you like a lady I may not always show respect It's too soon yet, I hardly even know you That's just my way, don't get upset You see, up 'till now I've been living like a loner Gettin'"
  • Foreigner Mountain Of Love
    "Open up your window Open up your door I need a taste of your sweet, sweet love That's all I'm livin' for I've been down on my luck Down on my knees Just waitin' for a chance to show you baby I only aim"
  • Foreigner Crash and burn
    "I always thought we were in control But our lives could never be what they were before There's a rhythm in our love Only you and I can feel it Outsiders in a world where passion is a crime So we conceal"
  • Foreigner Don't want to life without you
    "I find myself in a strange situationAnd I don't know howWhat seem to be an infatuationIs so different nowI can't get by if we're not togetherOh can't you see ?Girl I want you now and foreverClose to meI'm"
  • Foreigner Woman Oh Woman
    "Search through the years And you wipe away the tears To find a woman, not a girl Just that feeling, like the beginning of the world Beginning of the world And your love flows down like a river 'Til it"
  • Foreigner As Long As I Live
    "I see you in my dreams You feel so close to me There's nowhere in this world that I would rather be forever in this moment forever in this dream 'cause baby every hour away from you is only waste of time I"
  • Alcatrazz Breaking The Heart Of The City
    "Alcatrazz Disturbing The Peace Breaking The Heart Of The City In the London rain the sun called "go west", The American loves the way you speak English And they watched you growing as their son for so"
  • Orange Blue Gotta Be
    "You will always hide emotions But you'll never hide your face To someone who don't look like me You believe in love and in mermaids Gotta be free if you wanna be When your eyes don't say what they"

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