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  • Forever - Whippersnapper
    "A stillness comes when the smiles have faded dissatisfied, but you won't betray it. I don't want to leave, But the world is waiting and its hard to breathe when you hear her say We never say forever to"
  • Forever - Frozen Crown
    "Down deep the oceans Lie the ashes of ages As in the solace Our memories will live Down deep the oceans Lie the ashes of ages As in the solace We will forever be as one As we have never been So close"
  • Forever - Bobby Brown
    "Verse 1 My love Your the only one that i live for Finally found someone that i die for Endlessly forever girl I adore the tender love you given to me Bridge Hope i never wake up from this love dream Because"
  • Forever - Bee Gees
    "Hush my darling , sleep my lover There'll be rain till we run for cover Lost in love in a world of strangers Something only the Lord arranges Oh my darling , now I found you Want to live all my life"
  • Forever - Martin Nievera
    "We've come so far To leave it all behind I wonder why Why did you go away You left me all alone No words can say My love please stay You and I We have moments left to share You and I We can"
  • Forever - Plus One
    "I lost you in darkness When I fell form the light I held on to the world too tight I thought I'd never find you Thought I'd be alone But you took my hand and led me home Now I know I know that You'll"
  • Forever - Juniper Sky
    "I was turning inside left alone to slowly claw my eyes i'll feed this parasite so i can survive i can't wait here forever i know you feel it too it's no wonder and i try to give up those things i tried"
  • Forever - Kim Lian
    "I told my friends for just one dayto stay away - no time to playI'm sure my plan will work okay - oh yeahI'm gonna be someone todaysomeone you look up to and heyI'm sure it's gonna be okay - oh yeahOn"
  • Forever - The Veronicas
    "Here we are so what you gonna do?Do I gotta spell it out for you?I can see that you got other plans for tonight,But I don't really care,Size me up you know I beat the best,Tick tock, no time to rest,Let"
  • Forever - Wyatt
    "Forever All the planes are grounded and the airport is closed Somewhere in the distance think mist clouds roll As a strange low voice startss to adress your soul on forever Unbroken chains of empires"

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