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Free Sewx

  • Free - Will Young
    "Don't you see how I fight it Trying to hide from a life of real pain Maybe time has allowed it Feeling the feel when I'm hearing your name Cos you decide how I survive Do you realise inside oh Just how"
  • Free - Rick Springfield
    "So this is the cage that I builtWhy I built it I don't know It's bars made of anger and guilt, no lockBut somehow it just wouldn't let me goAll hail the messenger of loveI got your message loud and clearNow"
  • Free - Eternal Decision
    "Lord, you know who I am And You know me better, than I know myself You gave Your love, And now I give you all. You take my shame, You take my pride You take it all away. You take my shame, You take my"
  • Free - Shinhwa
    "One day i wake up, i was with u, the next day you were gone 1. uh ddun mal ro nuh eh geh da ga gaya haneun jee nhl eerah geh bo nael su baggeh uhbsneun nae mahm eum yong suh hae cheo oh, my love gi da"
  • Free - Building 429
    "Verse 1 --------- Whatever You want Whatever You need I want to be the one to give Everything of me So I'll strive to live worthy of Your calling When I fall I know that You'll will love me Chorus -------- And"
  • FREE - Analyse
    "Analyse Miscellaneous FREE Annelise: All my life i've always wanted to have one day just for me nothing to do and for once no where i need to be With no lessons, lords or lunches or to duelist in the way no"
  • Free - Strange Celebrity
    "Come restless sleep Come and lay me down and ease my worry Slow my mind and help me Help me find my release I am held in the prison cryin' On my knees prayin' I won't Die in this moment of grief Now I'm"
  • Free - Second Coming
    "Mothers and belief will make you rich So say the doctors and priests Mother abused me when I was weak God stood behind her in line I got a line on a different point of view (As you can well imagine) I"
  • Free - Chico DeBarge
    "Just you and me, we can hit the highway. Take all your dreams, and live them out the real way. Don't know if it's right, but still you want to, take a chance of love and show and prove. Live your life"
  • Free - Mara Mena
    "I've been walking around all day, thinking I think I have a problem I think I think too much I've been taught to hold back my tears and avoid them but you've made pain into something I could touch I've"

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