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Gang Albanii- pakistańskie disco

  • Schmetterlings Gang - Blumfeld
    "Schmetterling fliegt Flattert ber das Land Gewhnlicher Bluling Im Schmetterlings Gang An Grsern und Blten Die Wiesen entlang Auf schimmernden Flgeln Unter'm Windmhlenstand Zeigt er uns, was er sieht Was"
  • Green Gang - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Drowning in dog stew and strangled in vine. Blister wine burns the inside . . . (They flew in a line over poppy fields. They'd drop and they'd blast their supply. On demand! They persist. They pervert."
  • Press Gang - Murder City Devils
    "Pecked by the seagulls, hanging from the gallows Twisting in the breeze, dripping something on the streets I can see him from my window, they can see him from the water Just a victim of the press gang I"
  • Gang Green - Lloyd Banks
    "Its Blue Hefner Gang Green Ya'll can catch me on the Anger Management Tour You know where the big money at I ain't the iciest nigga livin' but I'm a few stones closer Hoppin' out my blue foam Rover Feed"
  • Vietnamese Gang - Thai
    "I be still creeping through the block with the glock 'cause my mind gone crazy My homie posted on the roof to bust some bitches with 380's Fools hate me, so I gots to put it down for my clique Screaming"
  • Chain gang - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Turn up the beat and make it sweetAlbum four has already hit the streetsWe're the chain gang, using loads of slangWe got better cars than the one in Chitty Chitty Bang BangThere's no flaw or chink in our"
  • Street Gang - The Darlings
    "Hear the call of the pack tonight sworn in for the rest of your life Broken bones and broken pride since my world began A vicious rouge twenty six years young speak evil with a poison tongue Feel the stain"
  • The Gang - G-Unit
    "(Intro: 50 Cent) Yea I ain't even gotta tell them who it is, I be like wussup its the Kid, they know its me man. F**kin kiddin me I run New York. (Chorus: 50 Cent)x2 Yall niggas know me, 'cause I do my"
  • Meine Gang - Sido
    "Hook: Hier ist fr jeden was dabei jeder kann was haben. Guck, wir sind da wo wir sind, weil wir schon immer anders waren. Solo-Alben, Lieblingsrapper, hier und da paar Ansagen und jetzt siehst du mich"
  • Purple Gang - Proof
    "(Intro: Proof) Yeah, ha hah! It's your boy DJ Seven-Duece It's a lot of hoes in here fellas, ha hah! So why you lookin at that other nigga? Ha hah! All the ladies with burgundy hair get in free! Heh, I"

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