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Haino toni marszal

  • Breathe Again (Reprise) - Toni Braxton
    "(Chorus) If I never feel you in my arms again, If I never feel your tender kiss again, If I never hear I love you now and then, Will I never make love to you once again? Please understand... if love ends, then"
  • In The Late Of Night / Toni's Secrets - Toni Braxton
    "Always thought your promise was for life I did not think that I Would hear you say good-bye And I always heard you led another life I doubted every time I guess my love was blind Cause in my eyes Love"
  • The Art Of Love - Toni Braxton
    "And now the art of love (Whispered) Turn out the lights That's nice Can I sit on your lap Ummm So sexy Umm Real sexy Umm Baby you're so sexy Oh baby Umm Hey papi Umm, grab mami Show me the art of love Like"
  • Christmas Time Is Here - Toni Braxton
    "Written by Vince Guaraldi, Lee Mendelson Christmas time is here Happiness and cheer Fun for all that children call Their favorite time of the year Snowflakes in the air Carols everywhere Olden times"
  • Christmas In Jamaica (Remix) - Toni Braxton
    "Chorus: We'll be having fun Under golden sun Christmas in Jamaica here we come... We'll just sail on, just sail... Lovers frolickin' Playin' in the sand Got my Coppertone Getting on my tan Exotic setting"
  • That's The Way Love Works (Trippin') - Toni Braxton
    "Ain't nobody ever prove their love when Things were all good And two people are smiling Love is found way down in the trenches When he's throwin a fit And she is sittin there crying We tear it up To patch"
  • Suddenly - Toni Braxton
    "(verse 1)It only took a momentA solitary glanceAnd I could hear the voice of rapture callI've loved you from a distanceAfraid to take a chanceAnd now it seems I can't help but to fallImagine my surpriseTo"
  • I Wanna Be - Toni Braxton
    "I'm gon put it out there. Lay it on the line And even if it breaks my heart I'm givin it a try. Not waitin for tomorrow Confessin it today So baby here it goes I'm out of time, it's do or die."
  • Mickey - Toni Basil
    "Oh Mickey, you're so fine You're so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey Mickey Oh Mickey, you're so fine You're so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey Mickey Oh Mickey, you're so fine You're so"
  • You Gotta Problem - Toni Basil
    "Pity you, you're telling me you gotta problem, a nasty kind of reaction, a dangerous sword of destruction. That makes it difficult, makes it hard to reach takes it all away, from what you had in mind. Yeah"

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