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High rule -Touch

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High rule -Touch
  • The Blue Nile High
    "I don't wanna wake ya When ya sleeping so quiet The motorcycle going by outside Are we the same? Caught at the lights Why are we going home with our lies? In the bowling alleys In the easy living Something"
  • Stabbing Westward High
    "I can't hide it I can't find it When every nerve is Crying out for release I can't capture The rapture That passion that is Burning inside me I've lost so much Chasing the perfect high I've lost so much I've"
  • New Model Army High
    "Down beneath the swoosh of the turbines, the long grass blows in ripples There's a beautiful spiral of roads that leads the lost up here I was watching the birds taking off to swoop down over the city They"
  • Splender High
    "Why do I feel like a newborn childWhy do I feel like a silver dollarWhy do I feel like a newfound drugWhy do I feel like I wipe my bordersWhat do I look like (high)What do I feel like (high)What do I taste"
  • Paulina Lenda i Kruki High
    "Hellow, hey Tak to właśnie ja Nie wiem znów, Czy Mam płakać czy się śmiać Dzwonie bo nie dam rady już w tej umowie trwając Planów dalej snuć Chyba więcej nie spotkamy się Co? Żebym życie jest nie fair Wiesz"
  • Grits High
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah; (boo) (x 2). I gotta hit and then submit it to it; let the flame consume me, control me, that I would listen to it; glisten while it's christenin'; rhymes that bring precision through"
  • Little Dragon High
    "I guess we’ll never get started Let’s stay … and soul, mate No need to talking about it Sometimes the quiet is so right High over the North Star Sleepless so far Together we’re high Checked in a holiday"
  • The BossHoss High
    "Wake up in the morning,wondering where you are Thinking to youself,well, this is not my car You're trying hard to remember, what was going on Oh yeah, the night out with the boys and the weed that was"
  • Richie Kotzen High
    "I am so innocent i swear to god o but you pressure me And i cant help but unwind By now you know im not the stable kind But you keep on testing me Until i make you cry how long can i take you You should"
  • Holy Mother High
    "Huge success The kind that makes you wonder I am no test Repossed I'm under, I am nowhere A solitary way Huge success you never gave away What if I were high What if you were evil What if I were high What"

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