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Hunger florene

  • Terminal Infection - Hunger
    "With all the heartache, a hopeless state of mind With all the drugs we take, to lay back and unwind Two chances, for forgiveness Love builds up, resistance Cure this terminal infection in my heart Take"
  • Undone - Hunger
    "If, I could make Time roll back For her sake Get back her smiling face For the years it will take She may break She'll come undone If she weeps She'll come undone Sorrow creeps She'll come undone Who's"
  • Vanishing Cream - Hunger
    "Who fills the sky Who answers when I cry I feel alone, I feel abused I feel there's nothing I can do It's getting late There's no one home No messages on the telephone I feel so good today It's"
  • Beauty Above All - Sophie Hunger
    "he walks in and everyone's aware even the believers join into the stare afraid of insufficiently they elsewhere must ignite, thus shaken by the whispering gleam of what is passing by Hello,hello,valentine here"
  • Monday's Ghost - Sophie Hunger
    "In your distant Zitilites I tried to read your time at night I tried to find your roof your floor The corners of your mind, the four The red flags on your dear faade Wouldn't break the secret to my guards Told"
  • Round And Round - Sophie Hunger
    "In the backyard you say Let's have a family In the frontyard, you know Oh don't you, away from me In the papers you saw I'm as free as free can be In your footprints, oh You left no legacy Round and round"
  • More Than This (With Norah Jones) - Charlie Hunger Quartet
    "I could feel at the time there was no way of knowing Fallen leaves in the night who can say where they're blowing As free as the wind and hopefully learning Why the sea on the tide has no way of turning More"
  • Krisco Kisses - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    "Hunger Hunger! I love like thunder- yeah Hunger hunger You feed my hunger - yeah Hunger hunger Take it to the top my love Let's take it to the top With a fist way past the rest Take it to the top You"
  • Medley - Tom Angelripper
    "Wir ham den Kanal, wir ham den Kanal Wir ham den Kanal noch lange nicht voll Wir ham den Kanal, wir ham den Kanal Wir ham den Kanal noch lange nicht voll Wir ham den Kanal, wir ham den Kanal Wir ham den"
  • Spookshow Baby (Remix) - Rob Zombie
    "Oh High noon dead moon A hangin all over you yeah Devilman yes I can cut a little peice of you yeah Hunger! Inside you Hunger! Hunger! Destroy you Hunger! Swift might dead night That's all right"

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