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  • Anata Drain Of Blood
    "My powers are running low My strength is about to die My soul needs to be fortified Drain of blood Powers flood How divine I feel your heartbeat next to mine My soothing hand along your spine The way"
  • Die Krupps Alive
    "Where's the hand that guided me my cry within me is let me be crossing the endless seas of pain fighting against torrential rain it seems pain is the experience in life I'm sorely tried by affliction in"
  • Dragonland Astronomy
    "I'm getting closer In a higher ground My destination Lies beyond the sun Not afraid of failure to crash and burn If you're not living you will never learn constellations far revealing my destiny Astronomy there"
  • Remedy Winnie Mandela
    "(Anderson/Meyer/Cichon/Beamish) Winnie Mandela born a princess She's a prisoner in her own land Her only crime was to fall in love With a strong and honest man Her only crime was she fell in love Winnie"
  • Eternal Gray Inflicting Pain
    "Waking up screaming The desire to die Instead of killing myself I'm searching pain and strife Imagine the scent, imagine the sight A world gone and perished a world turned to ice My darkest whishes"
  • Grendel Fatal Flaws
    "From the tears I run Broken emotions, a broken mind This is the strife that grips me day and night From all sense I fall Into confusion, into my mind Standing high and standing tall But it's the smile"
  • Grendel Aspiration Feed
    "Hard steel thoughts, the patience for reality As the realisation unfolds, shedding the apathy Cold hearts speak, attempts to reach our sanity It's always deeds before words or you'll fail constantly I"
  • Cathedral Congregation Of Sorcerer's
    "Born in the casket of society's decay On your knees to be rewarded with strife Born in the casket of society's decay On your knees to be rewarded with strife Grim obsession with the afterlife Unification"
  • Millencolin An elf and his zippo
    "Receive a slicky effort, avoid mental disaster pollute attempt to trap a breed authority so long, Mr.Turtle shrimp threatened by all the advance port supply protect caused by pollution Don't let go, without"
  • Her Nightmare Burn For Me
    "Burn for me, extinguished flame may never return Burn to strife, burn until it's made to light Our warmth so counterfeit Our life of our blood so long desolate Fallen as far as the king to the slave Give"

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