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Inxs mistify

  • Kick - INXS
    "Sometimes you kick Sometimes you get kicked Sometimes you kick Come on come on come on come I look around unsatisfied At what they're giving me Then I think to myself Is there someone else Who feels"
  • Calling All Nations - INXS
    "Well you spent the whole day With your axe to the wheel Read the late paper it was full of bad news Excuse me but I think what I'm saying is true You've got to find some time and devote it to you So come"
  • Tiny Daggers - INXS
    "Ever stop to wonder Should I question Move a stone look under Should I judge How you have changed my friend You're not the same my friend Do you lose sleep at night Do you ever stop to think Where it"
  • Baby Don't Cry - INXS
    "Baby don't cry Baby don't cry Baby don't cry Baby don't cry Baby don't cry Baby don't cry When you're down and confused Nothing seems right And it's you who decides Who's going to make it right Baby"
  • Wishing Well - INXS
    "If you ever want to taste it Go down to the wishing well Poison in the well won't make it Keep yourself as strong as can be All men I'll take you Take you down and tell you why I said woman gonna take"
  • Back On Line - INXS
    "Maybe there's something in me Trying to hitch another ride Have you ever felt this moment When you're looking out of control All the ways I could have taken Just add up to indecision I'm gonna get this"
  • Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) - INXS
    "Playing in the dirt We find the seeds of doubt Don't water them with your tears Don't think about all the years You'd rather be without Eden let's me in I find the seeds of love And climb upon the highwire I"
  • Good + Bad Times - INXS
    "You must have heard Of all the rules Thick and thin Teaches you hard And all the tricks Come back on you Leave them behind There's a better way A better way All along you must have known Where your life"
  • Biting Bullets - INXS
    "Don't you wonder Is anyone that strong It takes me under Believing what I'm seeing I get so tired Of watching friends go down The hungry tiger For all who never began Biting bullets Biting the clouds Biting"
  • Same Direction - INXS
    "There are few of us Who will ever know We're counting on every day I'm not sure about Why things are going this way Believe it - you can see it And we all just need the same thing Tell you what I know We're"

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