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Jetlagz - Supermarket

  • A Night on Earth - Brave Combo
    "Hello... chorus: Look at the moon, reflecting the sun the sky is so pretty The treetops are bright and it feels like a night on Earth People are ants, we're using our time the way we use it We try to"
  • Saturday Night - Herman Brood & His Wild Romance
    "The neon light, of the "Open all night", was just in time replaced by the magic appearance of a new day-while, a melancholic Reno was crawling on his back just in, front of the supermarket door-way child Hey"
  • Fabulous people - Electric 6
    "These are your clothesThis is your hairYou aren't fooling anybodyBut I still want to touch youOh!The supermarket tabloid appealWith a crazy little answerFabulous peopleFabulous peopleFabulous peopleMaking"
  • Brand new age - UK Subs
    "Got a feeling someone's watching me From the supermarket store playing hide and seek Hanging on the ceiling and they never sleep Everywhere I go I see this silver machine 1980's a brand new age 1980's"
  • Marzenia do spe - Robert Kasprzycki
    "Nasze marzenia do spełnienia lekkie jak piórko nad przepaścią. Wiec zanim znikną, zanim zgasną, nie pozwól im tak sobie zasnąć. Zapiszę je na małej kartce i pod poduszkę zaraz włożę, tak, żeby umieć je"
  • Elesi - Rebeka
    "lover, lover don’t you know we should be together never, never land to fall so no losing my soul maybe, maybe I will save but if you so humane mirror, mirror tell me why I lose my appetite lalalali walking"
  • Devil - The Servant
    "Knocking on my door was an evil silhouette Knocking this morning a black silhouette Knocking on my door was an evil silhouette And his eyes were glowing like two lit cigarettes Me and the devil were standing"
  • My Town - Racoon
    "We got a supermarket and a church For anyone whos got the urge Theres a nightclub and a school Faith, a devil and a god But more important, there's a bar Weve got neighbours with new cars Brand new cars Here"
  • Velociraptor - Eve 6
    "Like a velociraptor, flying a helicopter. Over the city colored black by the night. Like a panther in the...back of the supermarket. Ventilating soda bottles; sharpening his wine. I'm feeling stuck here. This"
  • London Girls - The Vibrators
    "Come on honey I wanna see you tonight I say no one can be as pretty Cuz your a better sight ? With those flexy eyes I don't need no supermarket To make me feel alright London girls are getting me down Just"

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