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Jupka anda ilo penab

  • And Around - Josh Rouse
    "You drove the road so many times You should know from here I fumble back a million miles I think you should steer If Tuesday is open I would like to drop in And see if you could hang around Don't want"
  • AND YET - Sting
    "This town, this stain on the sunrise, Disguised in the mist this morning, It's 8AM, a seagull shouts a sailor's warning. This sky, this bend in the river, Slows down and delivers me, the tide rolls back, And"
  • And forever - Carpe Tenebrum
    "And she leaves you, sees you, weeping as youthought you saw the storm, callous colours of drawingswithout seeing in, the negativity a lie and the all deluded moonlight prescribed screaming abyss that mocks"
  • And You - Lennon
    "Verse: Why do I do the things I do Why do I say the things I say Why am I this way Why do I run away from life Into all the wrongs and rights To you Chorus: And you better think before you act Better"
  • And Around - Tabitha's Secret
    "You say adjust your heels girl They stick out like an anchor Don't touch the flowers Cuz you can't hear them well Couldn't last forever Lord ya know it's gonna end sometime This is not an order"
  • Andy Warhol - David Bowie
    "Like to take a cement fix Be a standing cinema Dress my friends up just for show See them as they really are Put a peephole in my brain Two New Pence to have a go I'd like to be a gallery Put you all"
  • Ando S - Engenheiros Do Hawaii
    "Ando Só (Humberto Gessinger) ando só pois só eu sei pra onde ir por onde andei ando só nem sei por que no me pergunte o que eu no sei Pergunte ao pó desca ao poro siga aquele carro as pegadas que eu deixei pergunte"
  • And Then - Anja Garbarek
    "Unpack moments The girl in a red coat turns Passing Entering Going places Bring her name Under the chain of lights Kneeling down She throws herself into sound Passing Entering Going places Seen from"
  • Andy Norris - Badfinger
    "Run out of money Run outta good Run outta reasons and misunderstood Run out of rhythm Run out of rhyme Right out of feelings and right out of time Living in limbo, hanging around Head on the ceiling and"
  • Andy warhol - XIII.stolet
    "Apotol barbar i krl a tanenk na barevnch kaskdch trosenk Pvab tv Marylin Monroe Jerry Hang(?) zdobil kaskdami sn jak sebeklam Je as nik a ztrt Colorov syndikt Ve co pijde, m se stt Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Andy Kartonovou"

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