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  • Capture (Malitia Pt. 3) - Gang Starr
    "(feat. Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx) "Give a nigga pain" "Listen to a brother who knows" "Give a nigga pain" "It's the real...it's the Militia" First name vete-, last name -ran I drop bombs hit"
  • Simple Things, Pt. 2 - Dirty Vegas
    "yes i've run a mile in my head didn't listen to the things that you said but it's the simple things that make you smile it's the simple things that make you smile so what went wrong? was it me that let"
  • Still Believe, Pt. 2 - Stretch Arm Strong
    "this is for the one who never let me quit. and this is for the one who makde me stick to it. wanting to run never to look back. You were there through it all keeping me on track. In times of deperation"
  • Raleigh Solioquy Pt. Iii - Sublime
    "You guys don't know what love is. You don't know what love is. Until you've learned the meaning of the blues. Until you had a love you had to lose. You don't know what love is. Let's see. What's happining?"
  • The Blues, Pt. 1 - Buck 65
    "a game worth winnin' from the beginnin' of the first inning. an essential day off since it's provincial playoffs, and i'm playin' shortstop, batting fourth in the line-up, the opposing pitcher's a right-hander"
  • You Scared, Pt. 2 - Three 6 Mafia
    "Three Six Mafia, you scared 2003 six is goin down (Intro) You scared hoe what what what You scared hoe what what what You scared hoe what what what Kickin in the door I make them bitches hit the floor for"
  • Sweet Robbery (Pt. 2) - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Chorus) (DJ Paul) I cruise to my chevy shakin' these late nights And soon a killah will thank me will come out again to take another life I'm tired of hidin' form the 5-0 cause these fools scope me nightly"
  • Perfect Team Pt. 3 - Mike Jones
    "It's Mike Jones, back on the track I pack a gat, when I'm in the 'lac I wreck a track, title wack To make sho' my paper stack If I don't grind, then I don't shine If I don't shine, I get left behind I"
  • Scarlet Letter Pt. 2 - Halifax
    "Crush my bones tonight So thin that they might Slide under his door And leave my heart for the world To see... (Leave this to me...) He think's he's FRAMED... So clueless as to the situation He's got"
  • Wild Dances, Pt. 2 - Ruslana
    "I am your dream tonight The one that you can't fight The stars are clear abd bright And I will dance for you all night Tell me have you ever been to magic land Tell me have you ever seen the magic dance Go"

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