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Kurupt The Life

  • Life - Flyleaf
    "You can not fully live without Knowing what you're here for right now You're not here by accident Life lives If you don't know the way and you're lost This truth will bridge the gap and carry you across You're"
  • Life - Jo Damita
    "Got a story to tell bout Jesus Christ How he came to earth To set you free from all your sins When this is over You can live again (CHORUS) I've come that you might have life more abundantly I've come"
  • Life - Elvis Presley
    "Somewhere out in empty space, long before the human race, Something stirred, A vast and timeless source began, Intelligence was born and then, there was the world, Powers filled the universe, matter formed"
  • Life - Marlena Shaw
    "Je rve de vie de boss, o pas de bus Rien que dans la caisse, des basses Que lon puisse tous, fuir la poisse Quand elle passe, a pse lourd, Trop de pisse, sur les murs plein de crasse, Une odeur de mort"
  • Life - Love Like Blood
    "so, this was your life ? let's think about it, let's take a look back, before you die ! what do you think ? too less, too much ? was it all right ? was it enough? too lucky, too depressed ? too quiet,"
  • Life - Haddaway
    "Life, life will never beLife will never beThe sameTime is gettin' coldWhat is going on?What is on your mindAre your feelings gone?Need to see it clearWhere do we go?Why are you doing thingsAll the things"
  • Life - Mohair
    "I took a trip to the other side Got as clean as the ocean Found a place to rest my head I got swallowed by the tide Clear thoughts are making their way Out the door with emotion Can't recall what happened"
  • Life - Ana Johnsson
    "Made of love Made of sin Mayday - calling from outer space I dive right in Here I am Breathing, I'm a miracle I'm on fire - I'm cold I can't be controlled I'm alive and I'm dead And I'm ready for the"
  • Life - Ana Johnston
    "Made Of Love made Of Sin mayday - Calling From Outer Space i Dive Right In here I Am breathing, I'm A Miracle i'm On Fire - I'm Cold i Can't Be Controlled i'm Alive And I'm Dead and I'm Ready For The Take"
  • Life - Scott Krippayne
    "Ever since You stepped into my life You are wonderful to me Every time I open up my eyes Your beauty is all I see More then I could ever comprehend (chorus) I'll always be amazed at You and who You are I"

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