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  • Too Much Rain - Carole King
    "If anyone asks you how I am Just say I'm doing fine If you will do that for me I'll do the same for you sometime And if anyone asks you where I've gone Just say I'm down the line I don't want my friends"
  • Too Much Love - LCD Soundsystem
    "What will you say when the day comes When it's no fun When it's all done When it's no fun What will you say when the time comes There's a dry run when it's undone And there's no one When it's too much"
  • Loved Too Much - Ty Herndon
    "You Say You Love Me A Little You Say You Want To Stay Friends You Say You Don't Want No Strings Attached No One On You To Depend You See Love As A Prison, I See Love As A Key You Think A Little Is More"
  • Too Much Giddyup - Canned Heat
    "All fixed up, ready to roll He's feelin' his oats So he's hittin' the road No destination, nothin' on his mind Just a strange premonition He's gonna meet a deadline Too much Giddyup, not enough Whoa All"
  • Much too long - The Sounds
    "I don't feel rejected but I feel neglectedyou know me too wellbut you keep twisting my armThere was a time when we had everythingyou know my weaknessto push me aroundWe need to talk, nothing to seriousI"
  • Too Much Heaven - US5
    "(Feat. Robin Gibb) Nobody gets too much heaven no more It's much harder to come by I'm waiting in line Nobody gets too much love anymore It's as high as a mountain And harder to climb Oh you and"
  • Too Much Blood - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) I want to dance, I want to sing I want to bust up everything To make some love I want to dance, I want to sing I want to bust up everything And make some love I can feel it in"
  • Talked Too Much - Kingdom Come
    "I wonder who really cares! What is happening everywhere TV is bringing the news More killing, more abuse We've fought too We've lied too We've talked too much I wonder who I can blame I just can not"
  • Too much trouble - Danko Jones
    "You're too much trouble (4x) Get Out (4x) Out Out Out You're too much trouble (4x) I'm the kind of guy that if you were half way around the world I'd charter a jet plane just so I could be with you on"
  • Too Much Love - Chaka Khan
    "(Andrew Kastner, Dan Greer and Jeff Wilson) You know our love is driftin' We have fallen from its grace We've got to face the situation Put things in their place You're still the man You know just where"

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