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  • Black Tie White Noise - Pet Shop Boys
    "Getting my facts from a benneton ad I'm lookin' thru african eyes Lit by the glare of an l.a. fire Black tie white noise I've got a face, not just my race, bang bang I've got you babe Putting on the black"
  • Livin' In Black & White - Tracy Lawrence
    "This makin' a livin' is killin' me I work like a dog in this hot factory Can't even afford a vacation when I've got the time But I've got road maps of mexico Brochures and pictures of places to go Dreamin'"
  • Black And White Lies - Ray Price
    "Black and white lies from left to right are in the letter I wright tonight I stopped being lonely when you left and I'm now at the top among the best I have money throw big parties and have a lots of friends"
  • Left, Right, Black, White - Sugarplum Fairy
    "Standing in the shade of your love I gotta pick myself up Gotta find my way back there Dirty roads I'll make it through clean 'Cause I know what you mean Gotta get it on downtown I got sound I will clutch"
  • Black Beauty White Heat - Die Krupps
    "Laughing in the eye of needful decisions Creating bad blood teaching segregation Kills the revelation of truth overall Breeding conflict in minds that are small Marching to the tune of separate divisions Leading"
  • White Magic / Black Magic - Saint Vitus
    "I believe in miracles I don't believe in sin I believe in wizardry I don't believe in trends White magic / Black magic Which am I to choose? I believe that is up to me I don't believe in you I believe"
  • Black And White Movie - Janove Ottesen
    "I'm sitting in the window sill That's where I get to know this feeling so well But I can't help thinking Will I find my baby in there Everything looks so quiet from up here Feels like I'm in a black and"
  • Black And White People - matchbox twenty
    "One more day down Everybody has those days Where one soft sweet song's Just enough to clear my head Fall on real life Is anybody left there sane? If we slide on over and accept fate Then it's bound to"
  • White Lie In Black - MagnetsU
    "May God forgive My white lies For our Love, For the world of tomorrow... Do not chase But hark back you see reflections of the true Love Do not demand But visualize and you hear rings of the pure Chime Do"
  • Black And White Sun - Jump Little Children
    "Black and white photographs over you bed Dark and light courduroy shadows are fed I remembered that day On the beach under a cellophane sky I remember the way That you posed for the camera's eye. Am I"

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