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Lip yachty

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Lip yachty
  • Kinesis Bloodstained Lips
    "(I believe your gonner be blessed) Senses go cold, Bright eyes fade Blame the hunter with the double edge blade, There will be no undying memory, But the memory of futility. Kiss your, kiss your, bloodstained"
  • Bobs Barber Lips
    "I am a lonesome hombre I spend my time driving my truck around town on Saturdays I moved here from the city I thought that maybe All of my luck would change here in Boomtown But it seems my face is wrong I"
  • Modern English Pillow Lips
    "I have to ask you, Do you want this to be true, Is there method in all my madness, Or as we flower do we die in full bloom. (Chorus) You're the only thing that keeps me going, With your pillow lips, Pillow"
  • Roy Drusky New Lips
    "These are new lips they're not your lips but they kiss me the way yours used to do They're not your arms they're just two arms and they'll hold me until I'm over you Makes no difference who I find to"
  • Nico Purple Lips
    "He reminds all the laughter That has left me going down And my heart is falling silently Into the driving evening sound Sometimes we must keep from bringing Certain thoughts up to the light And a matter"
  • Divine These Lips
    "These lips were made for kissing These hips were made fro blissing. These arms were made for squeezing you tight Everyday, olay everynight! These lips were made for selecting These hips were made for"
  • 1000 Funerals Igneous Lips
    "I drank alone the poison of love with endless sacrifice how was sweet as she never knows is my paramour I burnt in my dead love's flames but I do the envy to the heat of her lips I've sit in the depths"
  • Vaselines Molly's lips
    "She said, She'd take me anyway, she'd take me everywayAs long as she stays with meShe said, She'd take me everyway, she'd take me anywayAs long as I'm good and cleanKiss Kiss Molly's Lips (x4)She said,"
  • The Wallflowers Skinny Lips
    "Well there goes Sally, my old lady She gone crazy drawing lines on her face And you know I got a feeling that Sally been a'stealing 'Cause I was hip to this, that you don't trust Skinny Lips Sally's got"
  • Alice Donut American Lips
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive American Lips I've got a jackson pollack tatoo on my ass. Video priest screaming out high mass. Sick little schoolgirls rolling round on my floor. Jehovo witness knocking"

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