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London Grammar - Hey Now

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London Grammar - Hey Now
  • Die Antwoord Shit Just Got Real
    "Yeah, haha It's another one of them old funky Cyprus Hill thangs (Woah, we got a live one here) Everybody wanna be a gangster (So you wanna be a gangster, homes?) 'Til it's time to do gangster shit ('Sup,"
  • Die Antwoord Street Light
    "Underneath the streetlight, now, waiting for the shit to go down Oh, no, there's gonna be a murder, oh god, when the street go down In Africa everything broken Ch'Yeah boy, no money no friends Just"
  • Die Antwoord MY LIFE IS A PORNO
    "Uh yo that dropped out what the fuck? How do I, hang on… Oh there we go Shits fuckin' banging, okay, yo Yeah, uh, first up I’d just like to say Fuck you, Thomas Look at me now Up in fucking Zef Studios,"
  • Die Antwoord BANG ON EM
    "Ha! Uh! Ja! Yo Ninja, where the fuck you been bra? Ons soek jou stem naaier, maak vol Come on! Bang on ‘em! Bang on ‘em! Bang on ‘em! Bang on ‘em! Yeah muddafukka! Bang on ‘em! Bang on ‘em! Bang on"
  • Deep Purple Hard Lovin' Man
    "Break my back with hard lovin' Take my hand and keep movin' Don't slow down we're nearly there now Oh can you stand the pain I'm a hard lovin' man What's your name? It's alright now Trick or treat we're"
  • The Game Scared Now
    "Who the fuck scared now? Look who the fuck fed now Had to hit him with the shotty nigga Another dead fucking body nigga Gangsters, this is how we roll Jesus Piece, and it's out of gold Versace polo and"
  • Brewski Niykee Heaton
    "(Intro) Yeah Lets get it Ay Niykee don’t be mad at me for this one Like I’m just saying what every ones thinking (Hook) Heat Heat Heat Heat The second I get famous Ima fuck Niykee Heaton Fuck Niykee Heaton"
  • ScHoolboy Q Collard Greens (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
    "Oh, oh, luxury Chidi-ching-ching could buy anything, cop that Oh, oh, collard greens Three degrees low, make it hot for me, drop that Oh, oh, down with that shit Drink this, smoke this, get down with the"
  • The Underachievers Philanthropist
    "First things first, let me lay it down Young Indigo nigga here to take the crown So you can wait around if you'd like to, spiteful Heart full of hate, no eighth to get high to Thou can't relate to I, the"
  • 2 Chainz Fork
    "Mama, MAMA! (Wha, What!) You get that money out my pants last night? (Boy! Naw I ain't get no money out yo pants! And quit yellin' at me!!) Ain't nobody hollin' at you! I had a dream that rap wouldn't"

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