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London Grammar - Hey Now

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London Grammar - Hey Now
  • Neil Young Hey Hey
    "Well, I've seen some women They put your soul on ice They want a piece of the action But they never let you roll the dice. That's the kind of woman Bring a good man down That's the kind of woman I don't"
  • Athena Cage Hey Hey
    "All the ladies in the club Not ready to give the party up Lift your hands up Let me hear you say hey A little louder Hey hey Sing it louder hey All the fellaz show some love Come on then give it up Lift"
  • Leonardo'S Bride Hey Hey
    "Hey hey my friend You're upside down again. My my your hair's a mess Now it's anybody's guess. Funny how life can be a desperation. You don't have to go for that. Hey hey my friend, Whose"
  • Hi-C Hey Hey
    "(feat. Big Steele) Hey hey, yeap We make 'em say hey hey Hey hey Hey hey, yeah See you light-skinnded women be tryin to act pretty Bitch hit me off with some ol' high saditty All I'm checkin fo' is"
  • Prussian Blue Hey, Hey
    "Hey Hey Every day, See you at school, What can I say, You, You You seem so cool, You glance at me and I turn a fool. My, My By and by, Tell me your name, And don't be shy. Oh, oh What do you know, You"
  • Ray Charles Hey hey
    "Hey! Hey! Down on the farm we used to work all day, But since the radio, we shirk all day. All the hicks, down in the sticks, are gay. Church organ music used to fill the air; Now hosty-tosty rhythms thrill"
  • Ray Wilson Hey, hey
    "Hey, hey the pain won't go awayIt looks like your worst nightmare's here and here to stayUh huh, year, yeahO God the son you were so proud ofWastes away until there's nothing left to think ofUh huh, yeah,"
  • Leonardos Bride Hey Hey
    "leonardo's bride she turns the t.v. on it's 9 a.m. she's bored again she has no place to be nothing going down she just hangs around she surrenders to it there's a white flag blowing she hangs"
  • John Parr Love grammar
    "You wanna shake my hand, say there's no hard feelingsBut there's another lie between the lines I'm readingIf you want him, then take him, just push me away, baby I just got to knowIf you want him, then"
  • Hippos Bad Grammar
    "I dig you cause your fashion is so keen I dig the way you look in those tight jeans And I don't wanna wait any longer to tell you What's on my mind I thought you'd want to know What's driving me mad Girl"

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