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Luca silence

  • Bismarck - Sabaton
    "From the mist a shape, a ship is taking form And the silence of the sea is about to drift into a storm Sign of power, show of force Raise the anchor battleship plotting its course Pride of a nation a"
  • Late Night Feelings (ft. Lykke Li) - Mark Ronson
    "i weigh the water i feel it all I ask myself a million questions in the dark I lay myself in silence but silence talks it tells me that heaven is no closer than it as my heart keeps pulling in the wrong"
  • What I'd Say - Earl Thomas Conley
    "Talkin to the mirror whisperin your name just like you were here, youd think I was insane I hold these conversations in the silence of my room rehearsing all the things id say should I run into you hows"
  • Panic Room - Au/Ra
    "Welcome to the... Welcome to the... Welcome to the... Welcome to the... Hell rising, Hell rising I'm ready for the worst So frightening Face whitening Fear that you can't reverse My phone has no signal,"
  • Ton retour - Act 3 - Jeanne Mas
    "Si tu lui reviens un jour Accoudée à sa fenêtre La fenêtre d'un amour D'un amour que tu regrettes Si tu lui reviens un jour Elle qui t'attendait peut-être Le peut-être d'un toujours Évaporé dans ses"
  • Lisa - Jeanne Mas
    "Matin silence déjà s'éveille Jaloux timide se pose sur elle Statue dentelle sur un ciel mou Poupée humaine qui s'en fout Lisa s'enfuit de ses rêves Se retrouve et puis s oublie De ses lèvres, se dégage"
  • Goodnight Goodbye - John Newman
    "As soon as the doors slammed This silence that fell Was all that you left me With a story to tell 'Bout cigarettes and ash-trays That I smoked with you I tried to find the truth And I ain't there with"
  • you should see me in a crown (Takashi Murakami collaboration) - Billie Eilish
    "bite my tongue ,bide my time wearing a warning sign wait till the world is mine visions I vandalize cold in my kingdom size fell for these ocean eyes you should see me in a crown I;m gonna run this nothing"
  • Dragonfire - Bleckhorn
    "Everytime I look in Her eyes The Dragon roars and I feel Evey minute every day I'm all shook up but never fallin Thor's lightning strikes outside A thousand clouds in a no man's land A Viking on the edge"
  • Arcade - Duncan Laurence
    "A broken heart is all that’s left I’m still fixing all the cracks Lost a couple of pieces when I carried it, carried it, carried it home I’m afraid of all I am My mind feels like a foreign land Silence"

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