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Luca silence

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Luca silence
  • Low In Silence
    "They put the treasure deep inside us Inside us Inside us They thought the desert would divide us Divide us Divide us With silence With silence With silence With silence They filled our hearts and hands"
  • Luna Sea In Silence
    "in silence in silence in silence oh my heart in silence in silence in silence oh my heart uh uh in silence in silence in silence oh my heart Woin silence Wo Woin"
  • Rez Band Silence Screams
    "The hands are frozen solid on the face of saving grace, where infidels and harlots chose a blackened, burning place. Silence screams; the echoes roar, Silence screams forevermore. With idiots and mannequins,"
  • Korzus Guity Silence
    "You get mad Hes a terrible waste Hate is buried in your chest The screams are face to face Guilty(guilty) Silence(silence) Terror(terror) And bloooood The screams of victims Echo in your brain Youre"
  • Mireille Mathieu Le silence
    "Le silence c'est un cri d'enfant dans la cour le premier cri d'amour le cri d'un train qui s'en va Le silence c'est l'orage avant le soleil le dernier cri d'amour le cri d'un train qui revient Le silence"
  • Lacrimas Profundere Solicitude, Silence
    "(music O. N. Schmid, lyrics Ch. Schmid) Break the silence But we left the feeling of emtiness To discover the new doom Of silence but I could adore the silence more And everything is nothing Solicitude"
  • My Ruin Radio Silence
    "Defamation of character On a certain demographic Pro-user friendly Teen pornographic Superficial substance Sick narcissistic Bullshit by numbers Gone crazy Bizkit Radio silence Can't keep us quiet Radio"
  • Chamber - L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir Silence - Release
    "Holding her head she's walking the room to keep those voices inside from eroding her mind she opens a window to stretch out her head there the voices cease in silence, silence, release To free her voices she"
  • Spiritual Beggars Under Silence
    "See days dawn under silence Eyes cautiously follow face expressions CHORUS: Well it's easy to live in a lie but I guess it will be hard to die with that wisdom Bleeding, running blind Dark meat rise Eternal,"
  • Dimension Zero Slow Silence
    "Paint the endless voices Make the earth fade Slowly my pain is deranged Into shameless vast suffering Perpetual motion is in session Silent screams defies discretion Slow silence cannot break me Slow"

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